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Aero Bar Plugs

  • Aero Bar Plugs
    Set of Four


    In Stock

Introducing TriRig's unique, aero-shaped bar plugs. These plugs can be used either at the front of an extension (for 1x use), at the front of a base bar (for track use), or the rear of an extension. The hybrid parabolic bullet-tip shape is the most aerodynamic shape of any bar plug on the market.

Each set includes two closed versions, for use when cables do not need to be routed through the plug, and two open versions for cable routing. The open versions have a 4mm rear-facing port for standard cable housing, and a 2mm downward-facing port for electronic wires. This vertical port makes the TriRig Aero Bar Plugs the only product on the market to allow vertical routing of electronic wires, eliminating the 'wire loop' caused by standard rear-facing cable ports. The open ports also feature a split down the middle, meaning they can be installed before or after cables/wires are run.

A set of bar plugs is included with every Alpha One aerobar sold.

Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Minimal, Functional

  • Single pinch bolt per side

  • Integrated cable routing

  • Lower stack with no compromise

  • Ultra-low frontal area

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Invisible to the wind

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps
  • Alpha X
    Slammed Clamps


    In Stock

No returns on Slammed Clamps.

Alpha X Slammed Clamps are here! They are available in very limited quantities while supplies last, for the ultra-low athletes who want to eke every last Watt of savings out of their bars.These clamps maintain the same fit as the Undermount clamps already included with the bar (the green cells on the fit chart, but significantly reduce the frontal area by swapping in-line forward-offset clamps in place of the stock thru-hole clamps.

Yeah, we get that they are expensive. That's because the Slammed Clamps are extremely time-consuming and expensive to make. They are formed from solid blocks of T6 aluminum, and require multiple processes including CNC machining, EDM cutting, and various finishing processes. In fact, each set of Slammed Clamps costs more to manufacture than the entire Alpha X base bar, which is why we have not produced them until now.

You can still adjust stack upwards by placing the standard Alpha X spacers below the cups, up to 25mm higher. The kit includes all necessary bolts to stack up to +25mm, as well as a 10-degree tilt spacer to angle the cups upward.

Snap-Top Water Bottles

  • 500mL or 750mL capacity

  • Snap-Top lid never gets lost,
    doesn't leak

  • TriRig Snap-Top Bottles
  • Snap-Top Bottles
    In Stock

No returns on Water Bottles.

We've used these bottles for over a decade, and absolutely love them. They are simple, effective, and reliable. Instead of a fancy slew of tiny parts that are prone to fail, they rely on a snap-top lid with a traditional friction-fit spout. We customized them with subtle TriRig graphics, and offer them in a 500mL or 750mL capacity.

Alpha Spare Parts

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups

  • Ergo Cups Measurements

  • Ergo cups (bottom) vs.
    Ultralight Cups (top)

  • Ergo cups (left) vs.
    Ultralight Cups (right)

  • Ergo cups (left) vs.
    Ultralight Cups (right)

  • Ultralight Cups

  • Ultralight Cups

  • Ultralight Pads + velcro sheets

  • Ultralight Cups Measurements

  • Alpha Classic Hardware Kit
  • Alpha Spare Parts
    In Stock

No returns on Alpha Spare Parts.

TriRig is proud to make Alpha's spare parts available for separate purchase. If you need replacements, here they are. You can now buy the following:

  • NEW Ergo Cups: our new Ergo Cups are the ultimate in comfort. They work with all versions of our aerobars, and now come standard on Alpha X and Alpha One. They now come with adjustable, slotted holes, designed to work with almost every aerobar on the market. The hole spacing is published in the images above, so you can compare to your own setup. The Ergo Cups trade a little weight (compared to our Ultralight Cups) in exchange for much more surface area, more arm wrap, a super grippy textured neoprene pad, and ultimately a more comfortable and stable ride. They feature the same adjustment range as the Ultralight Cups. However, due to their shape, they may interfere with a BTA bottle when used in certain narrower positions. You can get around this by using some ordinary standoffs/spacers from your local hardware store to lift the BTA bottle upward and clear of the cup itself.
  • Original Ergo Cups - CLEARANCE - our remaining inventory of Ergo Cups will sell at 1/2 price. If the spacing is not identical to your current bar, you can dremel out a small slot for the bolt, some users have done this.
  • Ultralight Cups: these are our legacy cups that used to come standard with our bars, but have now been replaced by the Ergo Cups. Weighing in at just 115g per pair, complete with velcro and pads, these are as light as they come. They trade the greater arm wrap and grippy pads of the Ergo Cups, in exchange for losing weight. If weight is critical, these are the cups for you. In general, we recommend our Ergo Cups for most applications.
  • Replacement Pads: standard replacements for the pads that come on our cups, same as what originally came with them. Available for Ergo Cups (textured neoprene pads) or the Ultralight Cups (fabric over foam gel)
  • Alpha Classic Hardware Kit: Includes a complete replacement set of all original hardware shown above, for the Alpha Classic. Does not include arm cups, arm pads, velcro, or Gamma extensions.

Alpha One Replacement Monopost

  • Alpha One
    Replacement Monopost


    In Stock

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Replacement Monopost for Alpha One. This is the new, upgraded unitary alloy version with additional stability. These can be cut to length if desired.

Alpha X Tilt Kit

  • Standard setup diagram

  • Standard setup diagram

  • Slammed setup diagram

  • Slammed setup diagram

  • Undermount setup diagram

  • Undermount setup diagram
  • Alpha X
    Tilt Hardware Kit


    In Stock

Now ON SALE! Save $75!

By popular demand, we have released a tilt kit for the Alpha X. This kit allows the Alpha X extensions to be tilted upward or downward to achieve the optimal position. Features include:

  • Continuous adjustment from -5 up to +17.5 degrees. Pads/extensions adjust together.
  • Includes custom BTA mount that tilts together with pads/extensions.
  • Adds just 2mm of stack compared to standard Alpha X hardware (far lower stack than any other competing tilt system).
  • Tilt hardware can be undermounted with pads slammed on top of bar (slammed pads can be fixed at +0 or +10 degrees via a custom angled spacer).
  • Stacked can be raised/lowered using standard Alpha X spacers.
  • Maintains all the patented cable routing and simple adjustment Alpha X is known for. A single never-occluded bolt adjusts the extensions, two bolts affix each arm cup, and this tilt kit adds just two bolts per tilt clamp.
  • Extensions stay fixed and rock solid, without requiring excessive torque.

Please note, this kit is only for use with Alpha X. It is not compatible with Alpha Classic.

Omega Spare Parts

  • Omega X No-Hanger Back Plate

  • Omega X No-Hanger Back Plate

  • Spare pad holders
    For all brakes

  • Front Plate

  • Kool Stop Salmon
    (for alloy rims)
  • Omega Spare Parts
    In Stock

    Matt Russell SALE
    10% OFF! (Discount shown in cart)

No returns on Omega Spare Parts.

Omega X NH Back Plate

(For Omega X only): For the cleanest aesthetic, this optional No-Hanger Back Plate replaces the one that comes standard with the brake, removing the cable hanger. Using this NH Back Plate requires an upstream cable hanger like the one found in our own Alpha X aerobar or Sigma X stem.

Pad Holders

By popular demand, we now offer the Omega Brake Pad Holders for those who want an extra set. These pad holders REQUIRE that you already own a TriRig Omega brake - they are not compatible with other brakes. They work with both the Standard and the SV version of the brake. The Pad Holder Kits consist of two pad holders, two pad holder retention bolts, and two pad retention screws, all pictured.

  • Omega X
  • Omega Standard (Gen 2 and later)
  • Omega SV (all versions)


Salmon Pads (for alloy rims) - In our opinion, these are the very best pads for use on alloy rims, anywhere. Kool Stop's unique pad formula has been the standard by which all other pads around the world are judged. They're affordable, highly durable, and have better stopping power than anything else out there. That's why we stock a set with every TriRig Omega brake. But because they're so good, we figured you might want to order extras, so we keep them in stock for that purpose.

If you use carbon rims, we recommend SwissStop Black Prince pads, or whatever pad your rim manufacturer recommends. At this time, we are no longer stocking carbon-specific pads.

Front Plate

Every once in a while, a Front Plate will be damaged or lost. For those unfortunate events, we've got you covered. The Front Plate is now available for both the Omega Standard, the Omega SV, and the Omega X. Be sure to order the correct one for the brake you own.

TriRig Ultra-Low Dust Covers

  • Includes Cover + Micro Shims

  • Includes Cover + Micro Shims

  • Available in Orange or Black

  • Slam that stem!
  • Ultra-Low Dust Cover
    In Stock


No returns on Dust Covers.

These are the ultra-low-profile dust covers we developed for the Alpha X and Sigma X front ends. The replace the standard dust cap on your bike, allowing up to 30mm of stack reduction and a much cleaner look. Aerodynamically, it's usually preferable to slam your stem and achieve your pad stack via the use of aerobar pad spacers.

Now you can slam your stem all the way to the headset, safely and easily. These Dust Covers fit most 1-1/8" headsets. Each one is individually machined from T6-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, media-blasted for a beautiful satin finish, hard anodized, and laser-etched with the TriRig logo. Each one includes four 0.25mm stainless steel micro-shims for spacing upwards if needed to clear your particular headset.

Alpha Classic BTA Mount

  • The Alpha BTA Mount
    Simple, elegant, aero

  • Exceptionally light weight
    Just 20 grams

  • Skeletal structure preserves
    access to bolts

  • No bolt occlusion, even with
    bottle cage installed

  • Front-on view of the BTA kit
    Extra-short bolts stay hidden

  • The Spacer Kit
    Optional added stack
    (for BTA users only)
  • Alpha Classic BTA Mount
    In Stock

BTA Mount

The world's best aerobar deserves the world's best BTA mount. The Alpha Classic BTA mount is, much like the Alpha itself, both a highly complex design but also very simple in its implementation. Read all about the design process here. The mount is made of solid, unidirectional carbon fiber. Its skeleton-like structure keeps the weight down to an amazingly-low 20g, and it requires NO mounting hardware at all. Why is that? Because it acts like a standard Alpha spacer. You just line it up in your spacer stack tower, and the Alpha's standard thru-bolts keep it in place. It has two positions for bottle placement, and can be flipped forwards or backwards, essentially giving you four different mounting options for your bottle.

The kit includes everything you need: the carbon fiber BTA mount itself, as well as two M5 screws and washers for bottles. And unlike most mounts, these screws are special; we sourced extra-short M5 screws so that they don't protrude under the BTA mount. This thing is as sleek and aerodynamic as they come.

Keep in mind, this BTA mount is ONLY compatible with the TriRig Alpha Classic aerobar. It will not work on any other bar.

Spacer Kit

An additional benefit of the BTA mount is that it provides additional structural strength to the spacer stack of the bar. Those of you who max out the Alpha's spacer tower may notice it's not quite as stable with all 35mm of spacers as it is if you have no spacers at all. The BTA mount brings rock-solid stability back to the bar.

So, since the mount affords extra stability, we can offer additional spacers to those of you using the mount. As an optional extra with the BTA mount, you can order the extra Spacer Kit, which allows you to go up another 10mm or 20mm of stack height. The Spacer Kit includes two 10mm spacers, two 20m spacers, four 85mm thru-bolts, and four 95mm thru-bolts. This Spacer Kit can ONLY be purchased WITH the BTA Mount. It is not available separately, because as mentioned above, these extra spacers would result in an unstable tower. The extra stack height requires the BTA mount to lock the towers together and provide that stability.

TriRig Speed Concept Clamps

  • Simplicity defined

  • Just two bolts per side

  • Sleek, minimal appearance
  • Speed Concept Clamps
    In Stock


No returns on Speed Concept Clamps

These clamps are compatible with the aerobars for the first-generation Trek Speed Concept 9-series (model years 2009 through 2013), and also compatible with the 2012 Bontrager RXL aerobar, which uses the same clamping hardware.

The clamps significantly clean up the front-end hardware of the Speed Concept or Bontrager RXL aerobar, reduce the bolt count from 14 to 4, and drop over 200 grams of weight in the process. Read the whole scoop here. Each clamp starts as a one-pound block of 7075-grade aluminum (stronger than the cheaper 6061 on stock parts). They're CNC machined down to just 26 grams each, then black anodized. They will accept any standard aftermarket extension. The optional top caps shown in the video are available if desired. You must use at least 5mm of spacers beneath these clamps (some Speed Concept bars have a 5mm spacer bonded to the bar already).

A note about the top caps: as shown in the video, their intended use is to be sandwiched between the clamps and your arm cups. They are NOT REQUIRED, and the clamps will work just fine without them.

MVH Dragonfly

  • MVH Dragonfly
    for Alpha One

    In Stock

No returns on MVH Dragonflies.

This is a special Dragonfly for Alpha One. This version has narrower arm cup mounts, slightly raised extension clamps, and a flat top, allowing for the least possible frontal area and total elbows-touching positions. This version is made of solid alloy, and heavier than the standard Dragonfly. It adds about 10mm to the lowest-achievable stack height, and also eliminates the ability to use Ergo Cups in their forward position.

This is a highly-specialized part, only works with Alpha One, and is tremendously expensive to machine. These are carved out of solid T6 billet aluminum, CNC machined to exacting specifications, then media-blasted and hard anodized for a durable and lasting finish. They are intended for athletes with very specific needs, trying to optimize a very specific type of position.

The MVH Dragonfly is produced in VERY limited quantities. Once we are out of stock, we are unlikely to produce these again.