Kappa Bottle Cage
  • Kappa
    Carbon Bottle Cage


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  • Durable carbon construction

  • Top flare for easy bottle insertion

  • 3k carbon finish, silver logos

  • The perfect triathlon cage

  • Perfect for BTA or rear-carrier applications alike.

  • Spine relief slots allow for zip-tie mounts.

Kappa: The Tri-Specific Cage

Say hello to Kappa, the strongest and most versatile bottle cage on the market. Kappa was designed with one goal: to be the go-to cage for triathletes.

Kappa is the perfect choice for our own Beta rear-mounted carrier or other saddle-based setup, where its superior grip strength prevents bottle launches. You'll notice that Kappa's wings form a solid wrap around the cage. There are no aesthetic cutouts, which sacrifice grip strength. And the entire cage is made of 3K carbon fiber for superior stiffness. The combination of design and materials prevents bottle launches better than any other cage on the market.

Moreover, Kappa is equally well-suited for a front BTA setup, where its open-wing design allows straws to pass through unobstructed, and its unique spine relief slots allow zip-tie mounting without the need to drill holes. If you have a bolt-on BTA mount like the one found on our Alpha aerobars, Kappa can bolt right on. But if you don't have one, the special cutouts allow you to zip-tie the cage in place without any drilling or hassle.

TriRig Kappa Bottle Cage