Alpha X Aerobars
  • Alpha X
    Carbon Bar/Stem Combo

    Replaced by Alpha One

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  • Complete cockpit

  • Includes aero-matched
    spacers + dust cap

  • patent-awarded
    cable management

  • Easy position adjustment

  • Beautiful from
    every angle

  • Ultra-low Frontal Area

Alpha X: the Ultimate Aerobar

The all-new Alpha X isn't just the best aerobar/stem system on the market. It's a complete front-end cockpit and fit soluition including an integrated stem, aero-matched fork spacers, integrated BTA mount, and industry-best cable and patent-awarded Di2/mechanical cable management. It's simultaneously the lightest, most aerodynamic, and most adjustable and RE-adjustable bar on the market.

Industry Feedback

"Not enough aerobar makers stand back, view this product category from a height, with a wide lens, and ask how the product would be imagined, or reimagined, if everything about it were on the table, subject to change. The Alpha X is the result of a critical and intuitive reimagining of the aerobar for today's riders."
-Dan Empfield ,

"With so many features packed into one bar, the Alpha X really can, as TriRig pronounces, turn any bike into a superbike."
-Geoff Nenninger , Triathlete Magazine

"The Alpha X looks virtually flawless."
-Tom Ballard ,

"At $999, we think this is also one of the best values out there. The Alpha X incorporates every feature that a modern cockpit should have, and some we didn't know we needed until now. The attention to detail in its design is astounding."
-Devon Bain ,

New Features (See all)

Superbike Killer

The Alpha X base bar uses an unprecedented 10-to-1 virtual airfoil represented by a 6-to-1 truncated shape. This is simply the deepest, fastest, and most aerodynamic shape of any bar on the market. Combined with low frontal area, hidden clamping structures, and clean cable management, this is the fastest bar on the market, and wind-tunnel proven.

Complete Cockpit

By integrating bar, stem, BTA mount, and aero spacers, the Alpha X provides a complete superbike-level solution to any standard bike, including everything you need to dial in the perfect fit (and keep adjusting as your position changes over time)!

The Perfect Fit

Alpha X has an enormous range of adjustability, providing 125mm of stack adjustment, and reach adjustment equivalent to 80mm-120mm in effective stem length. And with our dynamic fit guide, you can get the perfect fit every time.

Industry-best Cable Management

Whether you run a mechanical drivetrain or electronic, Alpha X can COMPLETELY hide all of your front-end cables, leaving absolutely nothing exposed to the wind. Our patent-awarded Di2 routing makes a completely-hidden Di2 installation a snap, literally! And because the stem section is completely hollow, you can hide your A junction inside, leaving not a single wire exposed.

There are SO MANY great features on this bar, see them all right here » All Features.

The bottom line is this: Alpha X is the ultimate aerobar, and the ultimate upgrade for virtually any bike. It has more speed on offer than new tires, new rims, or even a new frame. In our wind tunnel testing, we discovered that buying an Alpha X with a low-end frame can actually SAVE you upwards of $5,000 and be equally fast (if not faster) compared a more expensive bike. Check out all the new features and see why the Alpha X is our finest product ever.