Sep 10, 2010 article & images by Nick Salazar

The new Speed Concept is elegance defined.
The new Speed Concept is elegance defined.

As we log miles on our Trek Speed Concept bike for our in-depth review, we decided to take a look back at Trek's original TT offering, the Team Time Trial bike. The bike was originally built for Lance Armstrong and the US Postal cycling team. But it was quickly adopted by triathletes, despite its less-than-ideal geometry. That bike was ahead of its time, and remains a stunning sight even today.

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  • The new Speed Concept is elegance defined.
  • Exactly 10 years after its initial TT offering, Trek has created possibly the finest triathlon machine ever made.
  • It is telling that Trek's flagship colorway features a triathlon team ...
  • ... the original Team Time Trial was championed by UCI-restricted TT riders.
  • The Team Time Trial bike was possibly the first production bike to feature wind-tunnel-tested carbon shapes, internal top tube cable routing, an integrated seatmast.
  • Side by side, the Speed Concept and TTT are both striking bikes.
  • You've gotta hand it to Trek - the Team Time Trial had some amazing smooth lines.
  • Even today, the bike looks the part.  Time hasn't really dated its design.
  • The Team Time Trial was a nightmare for mechanics, and difficult to adjust.  These shims control saddle height.
  • The Team Time Trial was also not a machine bred for its creature comforts - these bottle bosses were a DIY project by this bike's owner.  The original TTT didn't have any provisions for carrying liquid.

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