Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Minimal, Functional

  • Single pinch bolt per side

  • Integrated cable routing

  • Lower stack with no compromise

  • Ultra-low frontal area

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps

  • Invisible to the wind

  • Alpha X Slammed Clamps
  • Alpha X
    Slammed Clamps


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Alpha X Slammed Clamps are here! They are available in very limited quantities while supplies last, for the ultra-low athletes who want to eke every last Watt of savings out of their bars.These clamps maintain the same fit as the Undermount clamps already included with the bar (the green cells on the fit chart, but significantly reduce the frontal area by swapping in-line forward-offset clamps in place of the stock thru-hole clamps.

Yeah, we get that they are expensive. That's because the Slammed Clamps are extremely time-consuming and expensive to make. They are formed from solid blocks of T6 aluminum, and require multiple processes including CNC machining, EDM cutting, and various finishing processes. In fact, each set of Slammed Clamps costs more to manufacture than the entire Alpha X base bar, which is why we have not produced them until now.

You can still adjust stack upwards by placing the standard Alpha X spacers below the cups, up to 25mm higher. The kit includes all necessary bolts to stack up to +25mm, as well as a 10-degree tilt spacer to angle the cups upward.