Scoops have a large array of slots designed to work with the widest possible variety of bicycles, aerobars, and mounting positions. However, it will not work on every bike out there, and on some bikes only certain hole positions will be accessible.

You will be able to use all bolt positions if your aerobar mount uses two bolts spaced 20mm apart in a fore-aft configuration. This is how our own Alpha aerobars work, as well as many others. If your bar uses 25mm spacing, you will also be able to use most bolt positions. Spacings of 27-30mm may limit which positions are accessible. The Canyon Speedmax SLX and Pinarello Bolide are known to have limited positions available.

Also, Scoops must be mounted using M5 or M6 countersunk bolts (included). Scoops are not compatible with bars that require any other size (such as the latest model years of Speed Concept, which require M4 bolts). Please check your bars before purchase to ensure compatibility.

To ensure the bolt spacing will work for you, please print out this document which demonstrates the bolt pattern for Scoops. Make sure you print at 100% with no scaling. Then you can easily determine which bolt spacings will work for your setup.