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  • TriRig Mercury Pedals

  • Ultra-simple design with only 3 parts

  • Just 93g per pair!

  • Just 151g for the complete system including cleats and all hardware

  • Simple, easy-to-clean cleats

  • Adjustable Q-factor

Pedaling Redefined

The TriRig Mercury is our take on the perfect pedal. It's ultra-light, incredibly simple, and provides the most solid pedaling platform you'll ever experience. It's a radical departure from the standard offerings on the market today, and because of that, we are offering a six-month return policy so that you can try out the pedals without fear that they won't work for you. We're so confident that you'll love them, we have no problem letting you use them for an entire racing season -- if you don't like them, send them back for a full refund.

For full installation instructions, please read the installation guide and watch the video below. For an in-depth look at what Mercury is all about, check out the features page. Here are the highlights:

  • Ultra light, at just 46.5 grams per pedal, and a complete system weight (both pedals, both cleats, and all fasteners) of 151 grams.
  • Ultra-low stack of just 10.5mm - the lowest stack on the market for 3-hole road shoes.
  • Adjustable Q-factor to fine-tune your stance width. Mercury is the only pedal on the market with this feature.
  • Incredibly simple design, just three parts per pedal (titanium Spindle, nylon Bearing, aluminum End Bolt). Mercury is an easy-to-service, virtually zero-maintenance product.
  • Replacement cleats and bearings will be available in the coming months right here on this page, but are currently not available for purchase.

Mercury vs. Other Pedals

  Full system weight
(pedals + cleats)
Pedal weight
(2 pedals, no cleats)
Stack height
TriRig Mercury 151g 93g 10.5mm
Speedplay Nanogram 218g 130g 11.5mm
Speedplay Zero Ti 282g 164g 11.5mm
Keywin Carbon 2012 245g 169g 14mm
LOOK Keo Blade Carbon 258g 186g 17mm
Shimano Dura-Ace 320g 250g 13.5mm