Ideal 16° bend for superior comfort

16 degrees is the perfect balance between getting enough rise to put the shifters where they need to go, while still remaining shallow enough to allow you to move back and forth a bit, or provide a point of leverage when desired. We have tried extensions with a 12-degree bend, and they were too shallow. Extensions with a 20-degree bend were too steep. The Gamma's 16-degree bend is just the right amount of slope, and is not offered by any other bar on the market. This geometry results in very comfortable grip regardless of whether you grab the shifters, the extensions, or both.

Extra-long, designed to be cut at both ends

Cutting the extensions at both ends allows you to dial in your position with unprecedented precision. The uncut extensions are approximately 450mm long, while most athletes will only need about 250mm. The extra length allows you to decide how much of the bar is rising versus flat, providing a very precise method of controlling both stack and reach. You have over 60mm of rise adjustment. When setting up your bars, if you want a higher position, just cut more off the flat side than the rising side (shown at the top of the above image). If you want a lower position, do the opposite (shown at bottom of image). This customizability allows the extensions to work with a huge variety of aerobars and riding positions.

Carbon fiber construction

By utilizing carbon fiber rather than an alloy construction, we are able to reduce weight and increase stiffness. And reduce weight, to approximately 100g per pair when cut to length (150g uncut).

Multiple cable ports

Gamma provides three cable ports (compatible with both mechanical and electronic) to allow flexible internal OR external routing. There is one port at the base of the rising portion, and two ports on the flat portion. Depending on how you trim your bar, there should be a port that offers convenient routing. Cables can exit from any of the three ports, or the rear of the extension.

Wide Compatibility

Our Gamma extensions have an industry-standard 22.2mm outer diameter and 19.3mm inner diameter. This makes them compatible with almost all aerobars and shifters on the market. Anywhere that you can use extensions from 3T, HED, Bontrager, Zipp, etc, you can also use Gamma.

Di2 ergonomics

When using Di2 TT shifters, many extensions become unworkable because the Di2 shifter body is so long. You have to either choose to grab your extension, with the shifters far in front, or grab the shifters, but none of the curve of your extensions. Gamma's geometry, however, is a perfect match for Di2 shifters. You can trim the extensions so that your shifters sit at the exact right spot.