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Gamma Extensions
  • Gamma Extensions
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  • Gamma One: the perfect shape

  • Gamma One dimensions

  • Multiple cable routing options

  • Gamma 24: One bend, maximum adjustment

  • Gamma 24 dimensions

  • Gamma 24: up to 102mm rise

TriRig Gamma Extensions

TriRig has always been interested in front-end geometry and comfort, since we first came on the scene in 2010. Some readers have even called us the 'Front End Specialists.' Today, we are pleased to launch the most thoughtful and useful aerobar extensions we have ever designed. Introducing Gamma One, and Gamma 24. These extensions each have specific applications in mind.

Gamma One is the perfect extension for modern aerobars, with exactly 75mm of stack adjustment, 240mm of reach adjustment, and a 24-degree grip angle for perfect ergonomics. Moreover, its quick-rise shape is optimized for modern forward-offset clamps, so that you can achieve your preferred reach while still achieving that perfect 75mm of stack.

Gamma 24 is designed as a universal-application product. It offers a single 24-degree bend, with extra length on both ends to offer the widest possible range of adjustment. It offers 0-105mm of stack height (depending on where you cut it), and 190mm of reach adjustment. The grip angle maintains a constant 24 degrees, to keep the athlete's hands at a comfortable angle regardless of stack.

Available in carbon fiber or a more economical but highly-robust T6 aluminum alloy, there's a perfect Gamma extension for everyone. And at a standard 22.2mm outer diameter, they work in virtually any modern aerobar system.

TriRig Gamma Extensions