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The Alpha X is much more than a simple bar/stem combination. It's a complete aero cockpit solution designed to bring superbike aerodynamics to any bike. And it continues the tradition of TriRig's industry-leading aerodynamics, ease of setup, and wide range of adjustability. Creating a single component to meet all of an athlete's needs, we end up with a whole that's so much greater than the sum of its parts.


The Alpha X is the fastest bar we have ever tested. Building on the success of the Alpha Classic, we've hidden every wire, bolt, and junction box from the wind, and improved the shapes of everything that the wind does see. It's a veritable dagger into the wind. Moreover, the difference between the Alpha X and a traditional aerobar is greater than the drag difference between many frames, making the Alpha X one of the most economical aero purchases you can make.

Wind Tunnel Proven

In the wind tunnel, the Alpha Classic tests faster than any other bar we have ever tested. It has the ability to turn a standard, entry-level frame into a full-fledged superbike, saving you thousands of dollars compared to bikes it can leave in the dust. It makes for a setup that's as light in the wind as it is on your wallet. And even while we made this bar as fast as possible, we ensured that it would always remain light weight, easy to work on, and a true breeze to adjust. That's why we call it the ultimate aerobar.

Virtual 10-to-1 Airfoil

With the Alpha X, we created a bar that was specifically designed with triathletes in mind. UCI rules prohibit the use of airfoils beyond 3:1. For triathlons (and some TT's) that aren't regulated by the UCI, this limit doesn't apply. By using larger airfoils, we are able to reduce drag and create a bar that saves you a significant amount time.

The Alpha X goes way beyond the UCI limit with a Kammtail virtual 10:1 airfoil. This is the deepest in the industry, and results in extremely low drag for an aerobar.

Tiny frontal profile

Single piece construction greatly reduces frontal area. There is no extra bulky mounting hardware to join the stem and bar together. The Alpha X is made of carbon fiber for the lightest weight and highest stiffness, while maintaining smooth shapes in all directions to completely minimizes drag.

Di2/EPS integration

  • Snap-fit Di2 Routing

  • Large cavity holds A-Junction

The Alpha X was designed, from the ground up, to be the best Di2 bar ever built. We start with a massive cavity that is perfectly sized to hold any Shimano Di2 or Campagnolo EPS junction, as well as all of the associated wires. This results in a super clean setup, and easy access to your junction box for charging, adjustment, and maintenance.

Moreover, all Di2 cables are completely hidden from the wind with a patented snap-channel on our extension spacers, which takes the wire from the extension directly into the base bar. This hides the wires completely, and means you never have to re-run your wires when making position adjustments.

Fit + Adjustment

The Alpha X isn't just the fastest bar on the market, it's also the best-fitting. It's the easiest bar to set up and adjust, thanks to our online Fit Guide that lets you determine exactly how to set up the Alpha X with any bike on the market.

Adjustable and Re-Adjustable

One of the biggest problems with modern high-end aero equipment is that, once you've installed it, it becomes very difficult to change your position. On integrated solutions, you often have to buy extra stems or an entire new bar just to adjust your position by 10-20mm. With Alpha X, Everything can be adjusted quickly and easily with just a few bolts. Want to go up 10mm on your pads? Just four bolts, and you're done. Want to add a spacer under your stem? That's just two bolts. No need to recable, and no need to unplug those Di2 wires.

All Hardware Included

The Alpha X comes with 50mm of extension spacers, and 40mm of aero-matched fork spacers. And just like on Alpha Classic, the included ultra-low-stack undermount hardware allows you to attach the pads directly on the base bar, and mount the extensions below the bar. In total, you get 125mm of stack adjustment with the included hardware.

Independent Pad and Extension Adjustment

The pad stack and extension stack can be adjusted independently of one another. Spacers can be inserted anywhere in the stack, above or below the clamp, with the top of the stack being your pads, and the extensions sitting anywhere beneath them in the stack. This helps to fine-tune fit in a way that almost no other bar allows.

Dynamic Fit Guide

The Alpha X has the most advanced and comprehensive fit guide of any bar on the market, which allows you to generate a complete fit chart of the Alpha X with any bike on the market, as well as showing you exactly how to set up the bar to hit YOUR position. Click here to check out the guide.

Complete Front-End Solution

The Alpha X is much more than a bar and stem. It is a complete front-end solution that takes care of every need, from fit and adjustment, to hydration and storage, and even eventual bike resale.

Aero-Matched Stem Spacers + Ultra-low Dust Cap

The Alpha X's stem spacers are aero-matched to the shape of the bar, for superlative aerodynamics. The bottom channel allows you to run centerpull cable routing or full housing with ease, and their split-back design means they can be added or removed without re-cabling. Our ultra-low 1mm dust cap is also included, meaning you can replace all the non-aero equipment your bike came with, and upgrade to superbike status.

No Fork Cutting Required

The cable cover of the Alpha X works even when the steerer is long. This allows you to fully build your bike and try out a different number of spacers before having to commit to a steer tube length. And the first 10mm of spacers above the stem are still shielded from the wind. This helps down the road if you ever need to come back up, or want to preserve resale value for your bike. No more need to trim the fork in the name of aero.

BTA Mount Included

Every Alpha X includes our integrated BTA hydration mount, putting the bottle in perfect position without adding the huge frontal area added by an aftermarket solution. No straps, no zip-ties, just a bolt-on solution that keeps your bottle rock solid and right where you need it. Moreover, the mount acts as a bridge to provide structural stiffness to the spacer stack. So go ahead and run those spacers, you'll be on a stable and dependable platform. And for those using the low-stack undermount, the cable cover itself acts as its own BTA mount, with a pair of properly-spaced M5 bosses!

Cable Management

Hassle-Free Routing

Just stick the housing in and it comes out the other side, no fishing required. Our separately-molded interior cavity ensures a completely smooth inner surface, no flash or flyouts, and nothing for the cable to snag on. And the huge airfoil shape means your brake cable doesn't make any sharp turns on its way out, providing the best possible performance.

Center-pull Cable Stop

The Alpha X comes with a removable centerpull cable stop. If you use a center pull brake like the TriRig Omega X, you can route to this stop and run bare cable from there to the front brake for the cleanest possible setup. Or, simply remove the stop and run full housing or a hydraulic line to any other brake you want. The Alpha X makes for a super-clean setup with anything.

Multiple Routing Options

The Alpha X provides a variety of cable routing options, so you can select the best, easiest, and most aerodynamic routing for your particular setup.

Mechanical wires can be run through the cable inlets at the front of the bar (especially clean for low-stack setups), and come out the integrated stem cavity, or they can be routed through the back of the extensions and into the bar, which may be helpful for higher-stack setups.

Di2/EPS wires can use those front inlets just described, or use a second set of inlets right behind the spacer stack, where you can take advantage of the snap-fit routing on the Alpha X extension spacers. No matter how you ride, you can make sure the Alpha X accommodates your hardware while keeping it hidden from the wind.

Minimal, Simple, Light

Integrated One Piece Design

By combining the bar and stem into one integrated unit, we were able to save about 150g compared to the original Alpha+Sigma combo, which was already very lightweight. This makes the Alpha X lighter than any other bar / stem combo in the tri industry.

Recessed Bolts, Low Bolt Count

Our patented extension clamps hide every bolt from the wind, but leaves them always accessible to your wrench. Not one millimeter of any bolt is exposed to the wind, to promote smoother airflow and reduce drag. And we keep the bolt count to an absolute minimum, using just a single pinch bolt for each extension, two bolts for each set of extension spacers, and a single-bolt wedge-style stem clamp. In total, Alpha has less than half the bolts of most aerobars on the market today.

Single-bolt Wedge style steerer clamp

The Alpha X features a wedge style steerer clamp. This utilizes just ONE bolt, stays COMPLETELY out of the wind, and is easy to use and adjust. Alpha X is the first aerobar to use this tech, and once you see it, you'll wonder why it was ever done any other way.

No Bolt Occlusion

All bolts are accessible at all times. This makes adjustment easier. You will never have to remove an unrelated part that is in the way, preventing you from making an adjustment.