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Alpha One Compatibility

Steerer Tubes

The Alpha One is compatible with nearly any bike that has a standard fork steerer tube of 1-1/8" (or can be used on 1" steerers with use of the included shim). Alpha One uses standard pinch bolts behind the stem, and works anywhere a standard stem works.


The Alpha One can accept any aerobar extensions with the industry standard 22.2mm outer diameter. It can be purchased with our own Gamma extensions which allow a variety of different positions to be achieved. However, it can also be purchased without any extensions so that you can use your own. Any standard 22.2mm-OD extension may be used.

Some older extensions use a 22.0mm diameter instead of the more common 22.2mm standard. These undersized extensions may be difficult to tighten down, and we cannot guarantee fit. However, we have successfully tested some 22.0mm extensions in the bar, and they fit well. So if you have a favorite extension in the 22.0mm standard, it should fit just fine work in the Alpha One.

Center Pull Brakes

The Alpha One has an internal cable stop allowing for ultra-clean setups. Housing can be run from the brake lever to the cable stop, eliminating aerodynamic drag from the cable housing. You then run bare cable from the cable stop at the center of the base bar to the front brake. This type of routing is ideal for the Omega X and other centerpull brakes.

Hydraulic Brakes

The Alpha One's internal cable stop can be removed so that your front hydraulic line can exit the base bar at the center of the head tube. This results in less drag than sending the hydraulic line out the back or side of the base bar. The Alpha One is fully compatible with Magura hydraulic brakes, or any other hydraulic brakes.

Other Brakes

For other brakes that require housing all the way from the lever to the front brake (Such as V-brakes, side pull brakes, dual pivot brakes, etc.), you can remove the internal cable stop and route the front brake housing out of the base bar at the center of the head tube. This generally results in less drag than routing the cable out the back or side of the base bar.

BTA Bottles and Cages

The Alpha One comes with an integrated BTA mount that is compatible with any standard bottle cage. Any retail BTA solution that attaches to a standard cage mount (Speedfil A2, Profile Design HC Bottle) should be compatible with the Alpha One. The mount may also be used to mount computers or other accessories.