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Enjoy this short and sweet review of two lovely pairs of shades from an industry fixture.
Transitions are sometimes called the fourth sport of triathlon, and like anything else, perfecting them just takes a little practice and, of course, the careful application of the right gear.
Giro has created an entirely new category of helmet, and it's a really great one for triathletes. Here's my review after half a year of riding this beast.
Smith's brilliant Pivlock series now has two entries. The V2 follows up on the original V90 with an angular design and some great new features.
The Revenge is Rudy Project's very appropriately-named answer to Oakley's dominant Radar shades. How to they stack up? Check the review.
The Pivlock V90 is a stunningly-good choice for triathletes, bringing a lot of features and quality at a fantastic price point.
Oakley has a lot of great options for tri. We took a close look at four models to see how they stack up.
Oakley offers a wide variety of different lens tints. Which one should you get?