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As winter closes in, we all look for better ways to train indoors. TrainerRoad answers the call for better software.
Most power measurement devices cost a bundle. But if you own a Kurt Kinetic trainer, you can train with power for under $100.
Next in the Power Up series, we're going to hear from perhaps the most notorious indoor cyclist in triathlon. Andy Potts sat down with me for an exclusive interview, all about power.
Grabbing data is only the first step. and their WKO+ software are very useful to analyze the numbers and track performance.
As the Power Up series continues, it's time to actually look at the gear itself. I'm running a Quarq power meter paired with an iPhone head unit.
This series is all about demystifying power. We'll start with the seminal book on the subject and an interview with its co-author, Dr. Andrew Coggan.