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Phil White took some time to chat with us. Ever want to know what he thought of the P4? What's his favorite project? Get it all in our interview, right here.
Here's a thorough survey of the top bikes in the industry, and all their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Although Kona is not a desert, you can still see a mirage on occasion. We spotted several athletes on the Queen K who made us do a double-take.
Pro triathlete and friend of the site Jimmy Seear has just finished tuning his rig for the 2014 season. He came to TriRig HQ for the final touches.
In a previous article, we went over every aspect of the bare P5 frame in detail. Now we take you through building it up.
We're building up a project P5, but before the components go on, we're taking a thorough look at this smart new frame.
The Cervelo P5 is finally here. Was it worth the hype? Oh yes. It's absolutely glorious, in both its triathlon-only and UCI-compliant forms. Cervelo knocked it out of the park.
Cervelo had the biggest surprise of the expo by bringing wind tunnel prototype parts that may be seen on their upcoming tri bike.