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Check out this supersized gallery of images from the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
Ben Hoffman is one stout biker, and he knows his gear. I saw down with him for a chat about its role in his racing life.
Here are a few final bits and pieces we took on the Big Island on Friday, just before the athletes took to the course. Enjoy!
What I love about this year's Kona Championships is that both winners - and the bikes they ride - have taken titles in the past. And that story is intriguing.
Crowie just won his third Kona title, ripping up the bike course on his new, state-of-the-art steed. Performance Advisor Mat Steinmetz gave me the scoop.
For the World Championships, Andreas is riding one of the slickest new rides out there - the same BMC TM01 he used to set a new World Record in Roth.
The Blade Light Recovery is a special piece in the K-Swiss lineup, designed specifically to be worn as a compression-type recovery shoe.
Check out this gallery of eclectic shots from the Ironman Village at the 2011 World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
Cervelo had the biggest surprise of the expo by bringing wind tunnel prototype parts that may be seen on their upcoming tri bike.
Without warning, Specialized has launched an all-new Shiv platform that's poised to take the tri world by storm.
The biggest mystery at this year's Ironman World Champs: what bike will Crowie Ride? Guess right and you could win a TriRig T-shirt.