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Giro continues to push the boundaries of aero helmet innovation with its latest lid, the Aerohead. And it's awesome.
Lots of new lids on both the pure aero and 'aero road' side are coming out across the industry. Here, we profile several new helmets from Interbike.
Giro has created an entirely new category of helmet, and it's a really great one for triathletes. Here's my review after half a year of riding this beast.
I can never get enough images from the Interbike floor, and apparently TriRig readers can't either. Enjoy the gallery!
We're seeing a trend among top athletes being smart about how they choose to appoint their bikes. Here's the breakdown of Kona's winning rigs.
As usual, Interbike kicks off with an expo out in the Nevada desert, where journalists get the opportunity to go hands-on with the latest gear.
Giro has called it the Swiss Army knife of helmets. And from where I'm sitting, it certainly looks that way.
Primarily known for its helmets, Giro has expanded into triathlon footwear with the Mele shoe. Here's our review.
Giro got the tri world buzzing big time with the Selector, a helmet born and bred for aerodynamic superiority. But is it good for the long haul?