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Once in a while, I like to highlight a few of the staples of my daily life as a triathlete and mechanic. The three items in this review are things that you won't find on your average cycling website.
The first product of its kind, SRAM's TyreWiz gives you real-time reporting of your tire pressure at the valve. Check out the full review.
At TriRig, we are obsessed with simplicity of form, elegance of design, purity of purpose. So TrueForm's treadmills might just be the best running machines on the planet.
Once you get past the slightly odd name, you're going to find one of the best massagers on the planet. I'm obsessed with this thing.
When so-called percussive massagers came on the market, I wondered what made them special compared to a modified jigsaw. Here's our in-depth look at three such devices.
Although we usually don't delve into recovery implements, the high-tech gadgetry of NormaTec was too cool to resist. Here's our review of the NormaTec MVP system.
The Garmin Forerunners have always been the premiere running watch on the market. Here's our in-depth review.
A swim-capable mp3 player is like my holy grail of pool training. How does this one stack up? Check out our full review.
Here's our in-depth review of the Garmin 510 cycling computer, the successor to the overwhelmingly popular 500.
If you love high-quality audio, but hate the high price of custom IEMs, the solution has arrived: is here to make you a set of custom in-ear monitors.
Nestled in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona is perhaps the best kept secret in the triathlon world. You may know that FASTER has a wind tunnel, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
The new e-tube Di2 junction boxes are big and bulky, making them difficult to hide from the wind. But Shimano already makes a special little part that makes hidden cables a cinch.
This snazzy little Garmin mount from Tate Labs is a simple, effective way to put a computer between your bars.
You'd better believe it - we're reviewing a shower head. And it's amazing.
Garmin's flagship watch has an impressive set of features on paper. Let's look at how well it performs.
You've seen this cute little camera everywhere - here's what it can do for the triathlete who wants to train with it, or just have fun.
Finis is diving headfirst into swimming technology, and their new Swimsense performance monitor is an impressive step forward in underwater tech.
What do you do when waterproof mp3 headphones fall out of your ears? Get rid of them all together, and go for bone conduction!