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SRAM's new wireless electronic group is here, though it's not exactly wireless for triathletes.
Shimano's Di2 electronic shift system has been a favorite of ours since we first wrote about it in 2011. A lot has changed since then, and we wanted to publish an update on Di2 as it relates to triathletes.
If you love high-quality audio, but hate the high price of custom IEMs, the solution has arrived: is here to make you a set of custom in-ear monitors.
Ultegra Di2 TT components are built around the new E-tube system and will be compatible with upcoming 9070 Dura-Ace Di2. Read on for the whole scoop.
You've seen this cute little camera everywhere - here's what it can do for the triathlete who wants to train with it, or just have fun.
You've seen reviews of Shimano's electronic group from the roadies - here's our in-depth look from the triathlete's perspective.
Electronic is getting cheaper for roadies - but not yet for triathletes.