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Check out all the great gear and additional trends from the Ironman Boulder bike course.
Let's take a look at the gritty details of Ironman Boulder's top rigs.
Check out our supersized gallery of the sights and bikes from the inaugural edition of Ironman Boulder!
Here's a very detailed look at some of the best pro rigs we saw at Ironman 70.3 Boulder
Joe Gambles and Jodie Swallow topped the podium at IM Boulder 70.3 this year; here's our HUGE race-day gallery.
As usual, the Boulder 70.3 transition area was filled to the brim with some of the most beautiful triathlon equipment around. Have a look.
None of the pros at Boulder 70.3 were riding the new flagship Trek, but we saw this age-grouper rig sitting in transition, and couldn't resist taking a look.
Boulder 70.3 went off with a bang! The legendary race in the Boulder countryside always makes for some beautiful images. Enjoy the supersized gallery.
Here's our full race-day gallery from Boulder Peak. The sun was shining brightly as Tim O'Donnell and Lisa Norden charged to victory aboard some very fancy machines.
Here's a look at some of the snazzy pro rigs at the Boulder Peak Olympic-distance triathlon. Check back later this week for a gallery of race images.
One of the more exciting olympic-distance races out there, Boulder Peak is always a great place to spot sweet gear and beautiful scenery.