Zoot makes some of the finest triathlon apparel in the game, and I've been remiss not having ever purchased on of their custom tri suits all these years. This article remedies the problem. This is their Short-Sleeve Aero Racesuit, with full custom graphics. The suit is absolutely stunning, and a joy to wear. It fits me perfectly, and provides more than enough storage for my race preferences. The suit is available in standard graphics for those who don't want to add the expense of custom colors, and it will feature the same high-quality fabrics, fit, and finish, regardless of how you buy it.

Individual fit is very important, but part of how a suit fits will come down to how the fabric cuts were designed. In this regard, Zoot does a perfect job. Sitting in aero, there are very few wrinkles coming up over my shoulders and on to my back. This gives the wind a nice clean path to take, and ultimately means a faster ride. The lack of a waistline seam is a huge win for comfort, and I'm thrilled to see Zoot keep a nice uninterrupted panel all the way down the front of the torso. In short, I love this suit.

Read the full article for all the ins and outs of this lovely kit. Or read all of the apparel reviews* we've written to see how this stacks up against the competition. It's a fantastic kit, and we recommend it wholeheartedly.

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