Some have called TriRig 'the Front-End Specialists.' And while we do examine all kinds bicycle gear from tip to tail, we do have a special affinity for the forward-half of the bike, often the more important area for many reasons. One achievement we are very proud of is our Ergo Cups, which have helped athletes of every ability to become more comfortable in the aero position. Being more relxed in aero means you can stay there longer, and ultimately go faster.

Previously, our Ergo Cups only worked on our own bars. But now, they are a universal part. With the new, carefully-designed, slotted mounting holes, they are capable of being mounted to almost any aerobar on the market! Yet the slotted holes carefully maintain the same strength, padding, and comfort of the original cups. They now feature a fore-aft bolt hole range from 11-35mm, and lateral range from 10-30mm, meaning they will fit just about everything. So they are finally here, in stock, and ready to ship. Get your new Ergo Cups in the TriRig Store!

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