May 22, 2018 article & images by Nick Salazar

We have been hard at work on a new Universal Front Brake Cover, and these are the first preview shots of our early pre-production samples. Please forgive the raw quality here. What this product does is mates the Omega X brake with our Alpha One aerobars (or even Alpha X and Sigma X), hiding all the hardware and cabling, turning your standard messy front end into an ultra-sleek one.

The new cover is designed to work on any bike with standard interfaces and standard head tubes up front, like this Orbea Ordu OMP. We don't yet have a compatibility list, but things like the Cervelo P-Series, Felt B-Series, and similar bikes should all work well. For now, enjoy the pre-production shots here. No ETA yet for this product, but we will have more info as soon as it is available!

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