Kona 2017: Pete Jacobs' BMC Timemachine 01
images by Nick Salazar
Oct 11, 2017  hits 27,781

Jacobs' front end.
Jacobs' front end.

Pete Jacobs has been a bit of a dark horse in the years since his 2012 Kona World Championship victory. This year, the Aussie champ is aboard the BMC Timemachine 01, which was launched last year on the island. We caught up with him on the Queen K and got a look at his rig.

  • Jacobs smashing it out on the Queen K. He's wearing Rudy's new BOOST 01 helmet. Makes a nice thematic naming scheme with his Timemachine 01 bike.
  • Pretty solid position for Jacobs. But I recon he could go a smidge lower.
  • Not too much to see from the front.
  • The Timemachine 01 is very clean once all set up, but from my time with it last year, it looks to be a bit of a headache to set up, or at least to remove the bars.
  • Jacobs' front end.
  • Rear setup with Shimano Di2 9170.
  • Jacobs riding with countryman Joe Gambles. We detailed Joe's bike last week.
  • Jacobs riding with countryman Joe Gambles. We detailed Joe's bike last week.

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