Frodeno training out on the Queen K.
Frodeno training out on the Queen K.

Just one week out from Ironman Hawaii 2017, and already the tension is palpable on the island. We caught up with Jan Frodeno, two-time defending World Champion, as he got in some training miles out on the Queen K. This rig looks to be much the same as his 2016 whip, complete with custom ultra-narrow extension hardware not available to the general public. No word on whether his 2017 whip is any different, but I'd bet on new paint for Saturday's race. Check the gallery below for more.

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  • Frodeno remains the odds-on favorite to win on Saturday, and nothing this year suggests the odds-makers have anything to worry about.
  • Frodo has a bang-on perfect position, and rides head-down into the wind, improving his already impressive aero profile.
  • This looks like his Kona rig from 2016, complete with the ultra-narrow bars up front.
  • The ultra-narrow extensions are not available to the general public, they're a Frodeno-specific item, built to his exact stack height.
  • Frodeno training out on the Queen K.
  • Frodeno training out on the Queen K.
  • Frodeno training out on the Queen K.
  • Front cluster: a Zipp 454 wheel with the sawtooth profile, and a custom 'Burning for Kona' epithet on the fork blades.
  • Another close-up look at those bars. I haven't seen them before without the bottle and storage box attached. Looks like Frodeno doesn't really use them in training. Just a Wahoo computer taped between the bars.
  • Rear cluster: another Zipp 454 wheel, and SRAM Red eTap with a Quarq power meter.
  • In back, a single bottle cage, mounted with Canyon's dedicated bracket.

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