Jesse Thomas' Wildflower Rig w/Alpha X + Omega X
images by Kaori Photo, Jesse Thomas
May 2, 2016  hits 63,444

Jesse Thomas hauling at Wildflower. Image by Kaori Photo.
Jesse Thomas hauling at Wildflower. Image by Kaori Photo.

Jesse Thomas just won an unprecedented SIXTH Wildflower Long Course in a row. The 'man with the aviators' has been coming back to this race year after year proving he's still the man to beat on this historic course. For the past few years, he's been riding our Omega brakes, and this year has just moved onto our Alpha X aerobars. Due to a previous neck injury, Jesse can't ride the super-low positions that some other pros do. He has to be able to look up the road without craning his neck so much. As a result, he rides a little higher, and has found that a high-hands position works best for him. We sent him our prototype tilt harware for Alpha X, which he bolted on and immediately loved. He told us that the bars offer 'a super clean interface and the bars felt stiff and aero. Really happy with them.' Get your own Alpha X and Omega X combo right here in the TriRig Store, and check out this gallery for a look at Jesse Thomas' Wildflower-winning rig.

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  • Jesse Thomas won Wildflower for the sixth time in a row, riding his Dimond Superbike equipped with an Alpha X cockpit and integrated Omega X brakes. Image by Kaori Photo.
  • Jesse Thomas hauling at Wildflower. Image by Kaori Photo.
  • Jesse Thomas hauling at Wildflower. He might not have the most aggressive position in the field, but it was enough for first place ... six years in a row! Image by Kaori Photo.
  • Thomas' winning rig: a custom Dimond superbike, complete with Alpha X cockpit and integrated Omega X brakes both front and rear. Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain, TorHans VR bottle, Cobb Max saddle, Knight wheels. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • From the front, this bike is super clean, no cables exposed. All you see is the Dimond Bike + Superfork, and the TriRig Alpha X cockpit. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • Another look at the business end. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • Thomas is riding the new Dimond Superfork, which hides completes the front shape of the bike and hides Omega X brakes inside. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • Jesse rides a high-hands position, and uses two water bottles in his BTA setup. With the Alpha X, there are no zip ties required - the cages bolt right onto the bars. Here you can see our prototype Alpha X tilt hardware, which Jesse rode for the win. The tilt hardware will be available later in Summer 2016. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • Jesse rides a relatively high-stack position due to an old neck injury, and he takes advantage of a Torhans AeroBento to act as a fairing behind his Alpha X setup. Image by Jesse Thomas.
  • The cockpit view for Jesse Thomas. Image by Jesse Thomas.

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