The Winning Rigs at Kona 2013
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This lid looks a little big on Rinny's relatively small head, but apparently it worked OK for her.
This lid looks a little big on Rinny's relatively small head, but apparently it worked OK for her.

This year's race in Kona was patently awesome. Not only are the winning rigs some of the most technologically-advanced pieces of machinery the sport has ever seen, but they played a very real part in the victory of their respective riders. For Mirinda Carfrae, the aerodynamic advantage of her Felt IA allowed her to limit the losses to super-biker Caroline Steffen, who was a pre-race favorite. That advantage put her within striking distance once she hit the pavement, allowing her to unleash her signature run and take the win by storm. For Freddy van Lierde, a similar story with his Cervelo P5 allowed him to trounce the pre-race favorites ahead of him, including multiple podium finisher Andreas Raelert, World Champion and Kona course record holder Craig Alexander, and this year's 70.3 World Champ Sebastian 'Uberbiker' Kienle. Here's a breakdown of the equipment these two champions used on course to deliver themselves to T2 and the eventual win.

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  • Ironman Hawaii World Champ Freddy Van Lierde on his way to victory.
  • Van Lierde rode a Cervelo P5 in a mostly stock configuration.
  • Straight extensions in the 3T Aduro aerobar. There's a standard cage for his BTA bottle, and he's using the P5's stock Magura hydraulic brakes.
  • I'm not a big fan of that ekoi helmet, but it seems to work for Freddy.
  • Van Lierde is one of the few holdouts still using a traditional saddle instead of some variety of split-nose.
  • Van Lierde's P5 use Shimano Di2 9070 to drive the gears, plus an SRM powermeter and Osymmetric chainrings.
  • Mirinda Carfrae screaming down the Queen K highway toward her second World Championship title.
  • Rinny is one of a very elite grgoup of athletes riding the brand new Felt IA. There are only a handful of these bikes in the world, so it's cool to see one of them used to win a World Championship title.
  • Felt manufactured a custom stem for Carfrae so that she could continue using her sponsored Profile Design Aeria bar instead of the very slick one that comes stock on the IA.
  • This lid looks a little big on Rinny's relatively small head, but apparently it worked OK for her.
  • SRAM Red mechanical for the World Champ, with a Quarq powermeter.
  • Carfrae was a long-time Fizik athlete, but finally came to the Light Side of the force and now uses an Adamo split-nose saddle. She's on the Attack model.

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