Sep 7, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

As usual, the Vegas 70.3 World Champs expo was held at the Henderson Pavilion where the race will come to its dramatic conclusion tomorrow.
As usual, the Vegas 70.3 World Champs expo was held at the Henderson Pavilion where the race will come to its dramatic conclusion tomorrow.

We stopped by the expo at the Vegas 70.3 World Championships to take a look at the gear at the expo. And we weren't disappointed. Enjoy the gallery, and stop back after the race for some epic shots from the course.

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  • As usual, the Vegas 70.3 World Champs expo was held at the Henderson Pavilion where the race will come to its dramatic conclusion tomorrow.
  • Bike Service this way -- and this bike could use a little looking after.
  • The Pearl Izumi Octane always catches my eye. The bright orange color is great. But the shoe itself is largely a copy of the original Specialized Trivent.
  • I saw this age grouper rig rolling by and couldn't help but take a shot. Something about this rig is just great ...
  • Very nice looking rig!
  • Oakley always makes a colorful appearance at race expos.
  • Newton makes a pretty colorful appearance as well!
  • Legendary Trek tech Mark Andrews was walking around making sure his athletes were all taken care of.
  • Felt had a couple of its new IA bikes at the expo. This one was being charged, showing how the aerobar's internal cavity works.
  • The Di2 junction fits into this slot in the bar, which is also open to the external steerer cavity, giving plenty of space to hide it.
  • One nice thing about the IA bar, it allows you to mount the extesions under the bar, with the arm cups on top.
  • A clean shot of the new Felt IA. It's definitely a very striking bike!
  • Frontal profile of the new IA.
  • The split seat tube promises to offer lots of comfort, secure clamping, and low weight.
  • The hindquarters shot of the IA.
  • Another IA at the Felt booth, this one belonging to Josh Amberger.
  • Amberger has a custom stem on his IA that allows the use of regular bars. But Felt says this part won't be available to the general public, and is a pro-only item.
  • Personally, I think the custom stem is really cool, and it would be nice to be able to run aftermarket bars on the IA.
  • Josh Amberger's Felt IA, looking particularly awesome with the new Felt Devox Carbon bar bolted on.
  • Another shot of Josh Amberger's custom stem and cabled setup on the Felt IA.
  • One last perspective on that front end.
  • Amberger is running SRAM Red and a matching Quarq crank.
  • Standard Red rear derailleur, with 10 speeds.
  • Count 'em -- 10 cogs on this cassette.
  • Specialized had the new Shiv models on display, as well as the new Evade aero road helmet.
  • New Shiv models have sacked the TRP brake that the bike was built around, and now use an adapter to mount the Magura hydraulic brakes.
  • The Magura is definitely a lower-profile brake, but you can see that the lower brake arms still drastically exceed the frontal profile of the fork legs.
  • The TRP posts have been replaced with these threaded holes, so that either the TRP posts OR the adapter could be mounted.
  • The new S-Works red and yellow paint scheme looks pretty cool.
  • The new Fuel Cell looks like it's ready to hit the market and provide some very aero storage for Shiv owners.
  • The Speedfil guys had this Blue Triad SL on display to show off their new products.
  • Another Blue Triad SL, another TriRig Omega brake!
  • The new Speedfil Z4 bottle cage has an integrated Garmin mount, making it very easy to keep eyes on your computer AND have a good BTA bottle.
  • This time last year, the Cervelo P5 was in short supply. Now, they're everywhere!
  • We also bumped into triathlon legends Greg and Laura Bennett. The happy couple is here to take some names and race hard. Good luck, Bennetts!

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