Sep 19, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

For years, triathletes have been demanding radical, UCI-illegal bikes with boundary-pushing designs, innovative thinking, and genuine novelty. This year, the market has finally responded. There are THREE brand new bikes with amazing designs that are decidedly NOT legal under UCI rules, and made just for triathletes.

Today we're looking at the Falco V-Bike, a new beam bike with a lot of great thinking behind it. It's already got its own white paper, which can be downloaded right here! I was lucky enough to get a full run-down of the bike from Binny, the founder of Falco and the designer of the V-Bike. With a bike this unconventional, the pictures will really provide the best descriptions, and the captions will be sparse. The frameset carries an MSRP of $4000, and the size M and L frames will be available in 2-3 months. With beambike design, intense angles, and the neon Tron-esque paint scheme, one thing is for sure: this bike is anything but ordinary. Those of you who have been asking for something different: this bike is for you. Enjoy!

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