Aug 22, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

Greg Bennett's BMC TM01.
Greg Bennett's BMC TM01.

It's been a few weeks since the race happened, but we had some great shots of the pro rigs in transition, and wanted to share them with you. Check the 'Related Articles' section below for a gallery of images from the race itself. Enjoy!

Greg Bennett 

  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01.
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01. Bennett is running the sprint-shift version of the new E-tube TT shifters, which have just one button each for shifting the rear derailleur ONLY. Why he wouldn't run the two-button version for controlling BOTH derailleurs is a mystery.
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01. Bennett's shoes all ready to go with socks already placed inside.
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01. Bennett runs the Carbonsports Lightweight disc. Beautiful!
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01. Ceramicspeed jockey wheels on his Di2 rear derailleur.
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01.
  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01.

Amanda Stevens 

  • Amanda Stevens' custom-painted Blue Triad SL.
  • Amanda Stevens' custom-painted Blue Triad SL.
  • Amanda Stevens' custom-painted Blue Triad SL.
  • Amanda Stevens' custom-painted Blue Triad SL.
  • Now THIS is what a pro transition looks like. Incredibly clean, minimal, elegant, and functional. Age groupers can learn a lot from this.

Joe Gambles 

  • Race winner Joe Gambles' Trek Speed Concept. This would be the last race Gambles ran on the original Speed Concept. He's just been set up on the new version
  • Joe Gambles' Trek Speed Concept. Gambes got to wear the #1 bib as last year's champ. Here you can also see he's riding an Adamo TT saddle, a much better choice than his previous nut cruncher.
  • This is a pure BTA setup, exactly the way it was meant to be: simple cage zip-tied directly to the extensions. This is the lightest, cheapest, simplest way to set up a BTA bottle, and it works amazingly well. You don't need to do anything more complicated than this. Other solutions out there can help make things easier, if you're not the DIY type, or are having a hard time with the zip tie setup.
  • A computer just aft of the BTA bottle is tougher to see than if it was up in front, but many riders choose to leave it here nonetheless.
  • Gambles is riding the Kask Bambino helmet. It would probably be more convenient to also run the Bambino's integrated visor, but sponsor Oakley might not like that.
  • Joe Gambles' Trek Speed Concept. This bike is the king of clean frontal profiles.
  • Gambles runs Campagnolo Record EPS, and keeps the battery just below the bottom bracket.
  • Record EPS shifters look a lot like SRAM R2C shifters, which is great from an ergonomic standpoint.
  • Record EPS brake lever shifters on Gambles' Speed Concept.
  • Joe Gambles' prototype HED Disc.
  • Gambles' Trek Speed Concept front end.
  • Joe Gambles' transition area.
  • Gambles runs in K-Swiss shoes.


  • With almost 3000 competitors, the 2013 Boulder 70.3 was Boulder's largest triathlon to date.
  • In stark contrast to the Boulder Peak a few weeks ago, the Boulder 70.3 pros nearly all chose to run a rear disc.
  • Misc
  • Misc
  • Misc
  • Michael Lovato's Kestrel 4000 SL
  • Michael Lovato's Kestrel 4000 SL. Lovato is running the new Vuka Stealth aerobar.
  • The Parlee TTi. I'm really not a big fan of this bike, especially the nasty rear-mounted side-pull V-brake (all three of those are dirty phrases in my opinion).
  • Here's the front cable situation on the Parlee TTi.
  • James Seear's Blue Triad SL. I suggested to James that we could clean up those Di2 cables a bit, and we may be doing exactly that in the near future. I'm calling this type of treatment the 'TriRig Service Course.' The first recipient of a TSC treatment was Andy Potts, whose rigs will be featured in an upcoming article.
  • Bryan Rhodes' Cervelo P5
  • Rhodes keeps his nutrition right on the top tube behind his 3T Aduro aerobar, and even keeps one gel ON the aerobar. Come on, Rhodie! You can do better than this.
  • This is Derek Yorek's Orbea Ordu. Yorek is rocking the original HED aerobar! The bar is about a decade old, but in my opinion still looks pretty darn cool. It might not have the most advanced airfoils, or Di2 compatibility, or be the lightest thing out there ... but it has a minimal frontal profile and looks beautiful to my eyes.
  • Yorek keeps his shifters nice and tight together.
  • Here's Ben Hoffman's front end. It's tough to see, but Hoffman is running prototype extension clamps from Specialized. These allow him to get a bit lower using the integrated S-Works aerobar, but eliminate the tilt mechanism. I don't know if these are being released to the public.
  • This isn't the best shot for seeing the geometry of Hoffman's front end, but perhaps you can tell the pads here are a bit closer to the base bar than on a stock S-Works setup.

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