Apr 27, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

The FLO 30 wheels get the same great hubs as all of FLO's wheels.
The FLO 30 wheels get the same great hubs as all of FLO's wheels.

The latest offering from FLO Cycling is the new FLO 30, a shallower wheelset meant for training, road racing, and generally as an all-around wheel that will take anything you can throw at it. Unlike the 60, 90, and Disc wheels that FLO offers, the new 30 is all aluminum, with no fairing. It's meant to be an incredibly robust, durable product. You can swap it out for your deeper FLO wheels without needing to adjust your brakes at all, which will make it an incredibly attractive product for existing FLO customers.

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  • The FLO 30 is the latest addition to FLO Cycling's impressive lineup of wheels.
  • The 30mm-deep rims are ideal as training wheels, but the aero shape will still save time if you choose to race with them.
  • At 30mm deep, the FLO 30 rims are a nice balance between aerodynamic speed and veratility for any wind condition while training.
  • The FLO 30 wheels get the same great hubs as all of FLO's wheels.
  • The entire rim is structural aluminum - no fairing on this wheel.
  • The clincher bed is a bit wider than on traditional 19mm rims, making tire installs a bit easier.
  • The blunt inner edge improves aerodynamics at yaw, and the exposed nipples make for easier maintenance on the FLO 30.
  • The brake track is angled on the FLO 30, a first for FLO's wheels.
  • Another shot of the FLO hubs.
  • All FLO wheels are now 11-speed capable. Even if you don't have an 11-speed drivetrain now, it's good to have the newer freehub body, which is backwards-compatible (you just have to use a 1.85mm spacer to mount a 10-speed cassette). Fortunately, FLO wheels can be retrofitted with the new freehub bodies without the need to do a redish of the wheel. Awesome.
  • One last shot of the lovely FLO 30 wheels.

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