Oceanside 70.3 Race-Day Gallery
images by Nick Salazar
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Mr. Oceanside himself, Andy Potts, en route to his fifth win here. That's a beautiful position, great bike (see our article from last week), and I can't complain about that front brake choice.
Mr. Oceanside himself, Andy Potts, en route to his fifth win here. That's a beautiful position, great bike (see our article from last week), and I can't complain about that front brake choice.

As promised, here's our race-day gallery from Oceanside 70.3. TriRig is incredibly proud to see our Omega brake represented by both first AND second place on the Men's podium, under five-time Oceanside champ Andy Potts, and second-place Jesse Thomas. It was an amazing race, with Potts catching Thomas just a couple hundred meters before the finish. The women's race was pretty tight until Heather Jackson unleashed her run and put several minutes into Heather Wurtele in second.

  • Mr. Oceanside himself, Andy Potts, en route to his fifth win here. That's a beautiful position, great bike (see our article from last week), and I can't complain about that front brake choice.
  • Potts was riding his brand new Kestrel 4000, which we profiled last week. It's got a TriRig Omega brake up front.
  • Potts looks awesome with a new lower position and a nice clean front end.
  • Jesse Thomas put together a beautiful race, and was with the leaders all day. He got caught by Potts in the last 300 meters of the run, and came in an admirable second. Thomas is also rocking a TriRig Omega up front.
  • Luke McKenzie aboard his stealthy Scott Plasma 3.
  • Tim O'Donnell is a recent Trek transplant, having been snatched away from former sponsor Argon-18. He didn't have the race he wanted today, but hung on for 10th, just six minutes back from the leaders. That's a pretty small spread for ten places!
  • Heather Wurtele recently moved to Cervelo from Blue. She and husband Trevor always look good on the bike, and Heather hung on for second today.
  • Heather Jackson has been lighting it up in the last year, and absolutely threw down today.
  • Now HERE'S something you don't see at every race! Oceanside takes its riders into Camp Pendleton, a military base with lots of interesting equipment.
  • This neat piece of art was carved in the sand just North of the Oceanside Pier.
  • Andi Boecherer was the first rider back to transition by about two minutes, and kept all but two runners at bay, claiming third place.
  • Boecherer is still on the Felt DA, now with the integrated VR frame bottle and a standard TorHans between the arms.
  • Frederick Van Lierde. I've always thought that Koi helmet just looked ... weird.
  • Bjorn Andersson rode a decade-plus-old Hotta bike. It definitely looks cool! But you gotta wonder if the external head tube, cable stops, and other details are giving up too much time versus modern frames. It'd be an interesting wind tunnel test.
  • Paul 'Barney' Matthews rocking flames on his kit.
  • Barney finishing up his ride.
  • Luke McKenzie staying low and aero. He's not known for his running, and ended up taking ninth.
  • Brandon Marsh hung on for a solid fifth-place finish, which matches the fifth-place his wife Amy got for the women.
  • Marsh on his new P5-Three.
  • Matty Reed is usually a contender, but didn't make the top 10 today. I'm really not a fan of the Fuji D-6 he's riding, to be blunt.
  • Ben Hoffman finishing up his ride. He's still on the Shiv, and now riding Specialized's new Sitero saddle as well. He probably didn't have the ride he was hoping for, and wound up chasing on the run.
  • Hoffman didn't crack the top 10 today, but held tough on the run.
  • Amy Marsh on her snazzy new Cervelo P5-Six. Marsh hung on for fifth (and husband Brandon Marsh took fifth for the men).
  • The women's leaders riding into transition. The perspective makes them look closer than they are; the ladies rode legal distances apart.
  • Wurtele riding into transition.
  • Linsey Corbin put together a great race, coming in fourth. She's also new to Trek, snatched away from Scott last year. Check out that custom disc decal with her 'Montana Made' logo and her name. She's riding with the Giro Air Attack helmet, available now in some areas.
  • Jackson stayed with the leaders on the bike, then lit it up on the run.
  • Not a bad place to suffer, if you can at least enjoy the scenery.
  • Amy Marsh running the course.
  • Heather Jackson on the run.
  • Heather Wurtele chased Jackson and hung on for second.
  • Linsey Corbin on the run.
  • Heather Jackson unleashed her super fast run to take the win.
  • Jackson running.
  • Heather Wurtele looking relaxed and in control.
  • Go Linsey!
  • Andy Potts starting his second lap of the half marathon course with Jordan Jones and Jesse Thomas (out of frame).
  • Jesse Thomas stayed out front on the run, even taking the lead towards the end, but was caught just before the line by a hard-charging Potts. Thomas took a hard-fought second place.
  • Andy Potts proved unstoppable once again at Oceanside 70.3.
  • Tim O'Donnell came in tenth place, perhaps a little fried from his San Juan podium finish last weekend.

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