Jan 5, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

Mercury is a simple, understated design that works like a charm.
Mercury is a simple, understated design that works like a charm.

Mercury is currently out of production.

We recently announced our brand new Mercury pedal system, and promised that more information would be forthcoming. Today, we're proud to show off the first prototype pedals, along with a video that should give you a better idea how to install, adjust, and use the pedals. Click through to the article to see the video.

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  • Mercury is a simple, understated design that works like a charm.
  • The pedals weigh a scant 71 grams for the pair, and the cleats come in at just 19 grams each. Total system weight can save you almost a pound versus some other pedal systems.
  • Simple, clean, elegant design is what TriRig has always been about, and we tried to put all those qualities into the Mercury pedals.
  • A small stripe on the non-drive-side pedal helps for easy identification and installation.
  • A simple spacer system allows you to adjust the pedal's Q-factor, to fine-tune your fit. The pedals come pre-installed with the 3mm spacer.
  • The Mercury cleats are equally simple, and feature one smooth surface that grasps the pedal body. It's easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy to clean.
  • As you can see from this angle, the cleat interior is an uninterrupted cylinder, making it really easy to clean.

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