Review: High Sierra Shower Head
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This is the High Sierra showerhead, installed in my shower where it's going to stay forever.
This is the High Sierra showerhead, installed in my shower where it's going to stay forever.

You read it correctly; today we're reviewing a shower head. But this is not your run of the mill purchase from Home Depot. The High Sierra Shower Head is possibly the coolest piece of hardware ever to hit your bathroom. It's a high-efficiency fixture that can nearly double the amount of time you get to enjoy your hot water. Or, in my case, it meant an UNLIMITED stream of hot water, so I can shower as long as I want. There's a great story behind this product, have a look at the full article for all the details.

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  • This is the High Sierra showerhead, installed in my shower where it's going to stay forever.
  • You can see the High Sierra's spray is more a splatter of droplets, rather than an array of needle streams as found on most conventional showerheads.
  • The High Sierra is available in a variety of interesting colors. The company is experimenting with low-run custom colors, including the snazzy TriRig Orange shown later in the gallery. You can also go for the standard clear color if that's more your cup of tea.
  • Looking straight into the nozzle we can see the patented spray technology: it's just a single, uniquely-designed orifice that's responsible for the entire flow of water from this unique device.
  • It's astonishing that such a great shower can be had from such a tiny little shower head. I used to be of the mindset that the more spray jets the better. But now I've put the High Sierra on every shower in my home, and its 1.5 GPM high-efficiency spray has put me into shower nirvana.
  • For those who want or need a handheld shower head, High Sierra is happy to accommodate. The handled version of the shower head is actually just the regular version, with an OEM handle attached. So, in theory, you could convert any of the standard models to have a handle, with a trip to the hardware store. But to save you the trouble, High Sierra sells these pre-assembled versions, which have some bonding agent between the parts to make them a more solid, leakproof unit.
  • The handled version of the High Sierra is understated and modestly styled, but has the same brilliant design as the standalone version of the shower head.
  • Yes! A couple months after this article was originally published, this little bauble showed up in our mail box. High Sierra is experimenting with low-run custom colors, and showed off this beautiful TriRig Orange showerhead as an example. Of course, bright orange may not match the decor of every bathroom, but at TriRig HQ, it's perfect.

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