Jul 8, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

The pro women's bike rack. I don't think it's a coincidence that virtually every bike on the rack has Zipp hoops. The Indiana-based wheel manufacturer is a big supporter of pro women, which is awesome to see.
The pro women's bike rack. I don't think it's a coincidence that virtually every bike on the rack has Zipp hoops. The Indiana-based wheel manufacturer is a big supporter of pro women, which is awesome to see.

The Boulder Peak Triathlon, now officially the Boulder 5150, is one of the most storied and beloved triathlons out there. As an Olympic-distance non-drafting race, it doesn't draw quite as much press as some of the bigger events in the sport, especially with the growing popularity of the 70.3 distance. But the race is always a fun one to watch, and the 2012 edition was no different. We went out there to see all the lust-worthy gear, and do what we do best with photography. The gallery has been supersized for your viewing pleasure. On the men's side, Cameron Dye dropped previous winner Matty Reed (and the rest of the field for that matter), cruising into T2 on his lovely orange Kestrel 4000 for a decisive win. On the women's side, Laura Bennett stormed to victory on her brand new BMC TMR01 road bike, equipped ITU-style with drop bars and shorty clip-ons. Enjoy the photos!

  • The pro women's bike rack. I don't think it's a coincidence that virtually every bike on the rack has Zipp hoops. The Indiana-based wheel manufacturer is a big supporter of pro women, which is awesome to see.
  • This is the pro men's rack. In stark contrast from the women, there's a corniucopia of wheel brands here.
  • At Boulder Peak, the pros are launched after the age groupers, leaving an eerily empty transition area with rows and rows of empty bike racks.
  • Cameron Dye is impossible to miss - he's the one with the bleach white, curly locks.  Oh yeah, and the guy way out in front of everyone else once the race starts.
  • Cameron Dye riding in the beautiful Boulder hills.  Dye won by over three minutes.
  • Dye looked great on his Kestrel 4000.  He's one of those guys whose grimace of pain actually looks a bit like a smile.
  • Matty Reed worked hard to hang on for second place.
  • Bennett, riding head down up a hill, getting ready to hop into T2 and take the win.
  • Off-road specialist Conrad Stoltz proved he isn't just an Xterra guy, taking fifth on the day.
  • Boulder Peak is always popular with the age groupers, seen here riding en masse back into the reservoir.
  • Matty Reed on his Fuji D6.
  • Boulder offers some beautiful, vibrant scenery, keeping things interesting on the ride.
  • There's only one road leading in and out of Boulder Reservoir, but it's lined with some rather beautiful real estate.
  • Jennifer Tetrick on her way to an eventual fifth place, looking great on her Shiv.
  • Cameron Dye took an early lead on the bike, and kept it through to the finish.
  • Matty Reed hung on for second.
  • Laura Bennett rode like a woman possessed, on her brand new BMC TMR01 road bike. The course is definitely hilly, although most pros stick with the full on tri bike. Clearly though, it wasn't a problem for Bennett.
  • Eventual winner Laura Bennett talking to her husband Greg, who had himself won Muncie 70.3 the previous morning. Each member of this super couple has more athletic talent in their pinky finger than I have in my whole body.
  • Laura's brand new BMC TMR01 sitting in transition.  The bike keeps most of the slick aero features of BMC's tri bike, the TM01, but with a laid-back road geometry.
  • Bennet's aerobar setup.
  • Bennett's BMC TMR01 was set up with road bars and short HED clip-on aerobars. There's still a bit of cable sticking out there, but it's actually for shifting and the rear brake.  The front brake is nicely hidden in the fork, just like on the TM01.
  • Holly Bennett rides an Adamo Time Trial saddle.
  • Bennet kept her helmet on her bars, with Oakley Radar shades sitting inside, ready for a fast T1.
  • White, gray, and orange?  Looks to me like Cameron Dye knows what a good color scheme is like!
  • Dye's orange theme continues down to his Pearl Izumi shoes.
  • Dye's front end is clean and simple. A Shimano Pro Missile EVO bar houses his Di2 kit, and the Kestrel's centerpull brake keeps anything from sticking out too far in the wind.
  • Dye's footwear: Pearl Izumi Octane shoes, riding on Shimano Dura-Ace Carbon pedals.
  • Like a growing number of pros, Dye keeps things simple up front with a BTA bottle, and a power meter tucked in right behind it.
  • Matty Reed's Fuji D6 is looking quite dated after a few years.  Actually, I was never a big fan of that bike.  But Matty's had good results on it in the past. Sadly, he wouldn't grab the win today.
  • Here's Matty Reed's front end. He's riding Super Record 11 (mechanical) with the lovely RTZ shifters.  No electric shifting for Boom Boom, yet. But I don't understand what the point of so-called Wrist Relief extensions are. If you're gripping your shifter around the front, which what they're made for, then your hands will NEVER use that weird downward bend.
  • Reed was riding a 404 Carbon Clincher up front ...
  • But an aluminum clincher disc.  Zipp's clincher fans have long been craving a carbon clincher disc, and a prototype was already spotted at the Tour de France, so I expect they'll officially launch one in the near future.
  • The hallmark of a pro triathlete is their ultra-tidy transition area. This is Matty Reed's spot. Helmet, shoes, and that's about it.
  • The Fuji D6 looks reasonably narrow from the front, but suffers from sidepull cable syndrome. No way to clean up that nasty loop hanging out in the wind.
  • The night before the race, Boulder got a huge dump of rain, so athletes had to run out onto a sandy beach that was more of a mud pit.
  • As you know, I am drawn to photograph just about anything that's bright orange, so the Gatorade table makes an appearance here.

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