FIRST LOOK: Giro Air Attack Helmet
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Change your mind on the visor?  You can easily flip it upside down.
Change your mind on the visor? You can easily flip it upside down.

They call it the Swiss Army knife of helmets, and the moniker seems apt. The new Giro Air Attack is a beautiful combination of aerodynamics, light weight, and breathability that is going to be VERY appealing to a wide variety of athletes. It's simply brilliant. The only bad news is that it won't be available for nearly a year.

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  • Giro had some innovative ideas to improve both the aerodynamics and ventilation of the Air Attack in harmony, to ensure one didn't come too far at the expense of the other.
  • My favorite part of the Air Attack: a magnetic visor that snaps into place. Visors provide far and away the best visibility in an aggressive aero position.
  • Change your mind on the visor?  You can easily flip it upside down.
  • So far, Giro has shown off this white/silver version, and the black version with a few different color accents. You can bet the Garmin boys will have blue ones next month at the Tour.
  • If you don't want the visor at all, the helmet is still designed to work well with regular shades.
  • The Roc Lock retention mechanism looks similar to other Giro offerings that work well.
  • Though the shape looks simple, it's in fact fairly nuanced.  And the overall profile is much smaller than a standard lid, to improve aerodynamics.  It's a smart helmet built for speed without discomfort.

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