FLO Cycling Production Wheels
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The FLO Cycling 60/90 Wheelset.
The FLO Cycling 60/90 Wheelset.

FLO Cycling's wheels have been one of the most hotly-anticipated products in triathlon, promising to bring cutting-edge aerodynamics down to entry-level price points. After hitting several production hurdles, FLO is finally ready to unveil its final product, which is now for sale to the public. Here are my impressions of the hardware, and how it compares to the prototypes I reviewed last April.

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  • The 60/90 set is a great combo for triathletes looking for a good do-it-all wheelset.
  • The hoops are heavier than just about anything else on the market, but they're also cheaper by a wide margin.
  • Without a doubt, these wheels look the part.
  • The production fairings tuck under the rim for a better bond and a more consistent overall look.  The small step formed by this construction had a very small effect on aerodynamics as shown in CFD - the 90 got worse by .013%, and the 60 actually improved by .021%.  Basically, nothing to worry about.
  • The simple FLO graphic is available in a variety of color schemes to suit any bike, or rider preference.
  • FLO uses proprietary hubs that are simple and easy to service.
  • The spoke holes have gotten smaller since the prototype version, leaving just enough room for the Sapim CX-ray spokes.
  • The rim's inner diameter is rounded, like many wide rims these days, which is an element of the design that improves crosswind handling.
  • The FLO Cycling 60/90 Wheelset.
  • The final look of the FLO 60/90 wheelset is fantastic, and represents a compelling choice for the budget-minded athlete.

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