Linsey Corbin puts the power down on her Trek Speed Concept
Linsey Corbin puts the power down on her Trek Speed Concept

Linsey Corbin has been aboard a Scott Plasma 3 for the past couple seasons, but just signed with Trek and will be riding the Speed Concept for 2012. I caught up with her in Boulder where she was getting her training bike set up at the Retul studios with Mat Steinmetz. Read the full article for a video interview with Linsey.

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  • Mat Steinmetz talks about the finer points of getting comfortable in your aerobars.
  • ISM gives Linsey some custom love with her bullhorn insignia painted right on the leather.
  • Although this bike is mostly stock, it does have some little custom bits just for Ms. Corbin.  This slogan was put on before the clearcoat.
  • Linsey surveys her Trek Speed Concept
  • Mat Steinmetz put Corbin onto Trek's lowest stem, the 100/10.
  • Mat adjusts the aerobars.
  • Retul's Zin tool measures all the fit points of the bike so that they can be easily repeated on future setups.
  • Every contact point gets Zinned - shifters, extensions, pads, saddle, and even the crank, which serves as the point of reference..
  • Steinmetz gets the pads adjusted.
  • Typical Linsey Corbin: all smiles.
  • Steinmetz is a trusted fitter among the pros, and helps them dial in their positions over the course of the season.
  • Linsey Corbin puts the power down on her Trek Speed Concept
  • Trek brought a video crew along with them, to get Linsey in action.
  • No question whose bike this is.
  • Linsey paid a close eye to her fit numbers as they came up on the Retul screen to her right.
  • Linsey looks happy and ready for the season.

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