Altra Zero Drop Running Shoes Review
images by Nick Salazar
Feb 19, 2012  hits 95,717

The Altra Instinct core training shoe.
The Altra Instinct core training shoe.

Altra Zero Drop is a new brand of running shoes with a serious passion for reinventing the running shoe. Their design ideas are smart, fresh, and have resulted in the most effective running shoe I've ever worn. The male-specific Instinct is their core training shoe, reviewed here along with its female-specific counterpart, the Intuition. The shoes take many of the concepts of so-called barefoot running and put them into a practical package that will actually work for those of us who haven't grown up with calloused soles. If you're in the market for new kicks, they're definitely worth a look.

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  • The Altra Instinct core training shoe.
  • The Intuition looks just like the Instinct, but has some subtle differences just for girls.
  • Like the Instinct, the Intuition is a zero drop core trainer, but has some padding and fit differences to fit women's feet better.
  • Nina's stride in the Intuition shoes.
  • The Instinct and Intuition shoes are at home on the road or the trail, but Altra also makes trail-specific versions with more tread.
  • The zero drop construction is deceivingly simple and surprisingly effective.
  • The funky tread is unique and distinctive.  Almost looks like a foot with rubber on it.
  • Believe it or not, these shoes have about 100 miles in them at the time of this photo. Apart from a little mud stain on the right shoe, they look brand new.
  • They look rather minimal, and they are certainly light.  But simple, they aren't. There's a mountain of very smart, nuanced design in these shoes, and it translates into a very comfortable ride.
  • The tread pattern on the Instinct.
  • Altra says you can squeeze up to 800 miles on a pair of these shoes.  Having put 100 miles into these ones so far, I have no trouble believing that figure.  They still look brand new!
  • The ultra-wide toe box gives your piggies room to splay, and is a blessing for swollen feet.
  • I slapped my favorite Xtenex laces on here, and the combination couldn't be more comfortable on the run.
  • The mesh upper is very airy and breathable.
  • The Altra Instinct is an amazing product, and I look forward to seeing what the company does next.

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