Jan 1, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

This is the TriRig Omega in its present prototype form.
This is the TriRig Omega in its present prototype form.

The Omega is now in production! Get yours from the TriRig Store.

As the prototyping phase of my Omega brake project continues, I wanted to share the SLS plastic prototype that came in. It reflects the current state of the design, which is nearly ready for production. Check out the article for more specifics.

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  • This is the TriRig Omega in its present prototype form.
  • The arms pictured here form a complete shape all the way to the backplate of the brake.  I will be testing an SL version which gives up some of that complete shape in order to save a few grams.  Wind tunnel testing will determine whether I produce one shape, the other, or even both.
  • The Hooker SL has been the reigning King of Clean, but it's very limiting.  It doesn't work with wide rims, doesn't provide pad angle adjustment, and is impossible to find.
  • The Tektro T-726R is pretty much the only currently available centerpull brake.  It works, but it's not the prettiest thing out there, and adds significant frontal area to the bike.
  • The TriRig Omega aims to be the best of all worlds: super clean, super slim, versatile, light, and readily available.  It'll work with virtually any road rim, and will be available at a reasonable price, right here on TriRig.  Stay tuned!

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