Feb 13, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

The GoPro HD Hero: the go-anywhere adventure camera.
The GoPro HD Hero: the go-anywhere adventure camera.

The GoPro HD Hero is perhaps the most popular adventure camera on the market, and is definitely a lot of fun to use. Read my full video review of this camera to find out how it fits into the life of a triathlete.

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  • The GoPro HD Hero: the go-anywhere adventure camera.
  • The camera's simple controls are a bit tough to learn, but you won't find yourself using them too often.
  • An optional LED backscreen can be used to set up and review clips, or removed to save battery life.
  • A lot of different kinds of mounts exist, including flat and curved stickies that you can put on any smooth surface.
  • The articulated arms make it easy to put your camera in position.
  • Clips can be dumped to computer with the on-board USB port.
  • It looks like a submarine window, but that's the HD Hero's lens.

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