Tech Talk with Ben Hoffman
images by Nick Salazar
Oct 13, 2011  hits 29,439

Thanks, Ben!  Good luck out there.
Thanks, Ben! Good luck out there.

Ben Hoffman is among the new breed of triathletes known for their maticulous attention to detail in the equipment department. The Hoff rode the new Specialized Shiv in Kona this year, paired with 808 Firecrest wheels and Zoot compression wear.

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  • The Hoff is always a stout biker, often coming into T2 ahead of the competitionand running to the win as he did at three 70.3 races this year.
  • Hoffman looks calm and relaxed on the Queen K at the 2011 edition of Ironman Hawaii.
  • Ben explains the role of gear in his racing life.
  • Thanks, Ben!  Good luck out there.

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