Oct 3, 2011 article & images by Nick Salazar

I love the attention to detail - Xpedo even branded their bolts!
I love the attention to detail - Xpedo even branded their bolts!

There are a lot of pedal options that have come out in the last couple years, from both the major players and a host of smaller ones. Xpedo is a brand fairly new to the USA, and they're making a big dent with some very interesting products. The Thrust 8, reviewed here, is their top-of-the-line road pedal.

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  • The Xpedo Thrust 8 is a classically-styled pedal, and quite light.
  • This type of pedal is a fairly simple design - pedal body, retention mechanism on the back, and a powerful spring to keep them together.
  • I like the styling on these pedals, and their road feel is good.
  • The Xpedo Thrust 8 Pedals
  • A single bolt on the back adjusts the tension of the cleat retention.  I keep mine tight to keep my fixed cleats in place.
  • Pedal entry is exactly like what you're familiar with from other Look-style pedals.  Hook in the front, and step straight down.  Twist out to release.
  • The Thrust 8 comes with both fixed cleats (black) and float cleats (red).
  • The cleats are interchangeable with Look Keo pedals, so finding replacements would be easy.
  • I love the attention to detail - Xpedo even branded their bolts!
  • At just 173 grams, the Xpedo Thrust 8 are lighter than the top-end pedals from both Look and Shimano.

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