Sep 16, 2011 article & images by Nick Salazar

This speed skater was one of the pieces in SRAM's awesome pART PROJECT, which re-purposes bike parts to make art pieces.
This speed skater was one of the pieces in SRAM's awesome pART PROJECT, which re-purposes bike parts to make art pieces.

As we close the books on this year's edition of Interbike, I took the liberty to photograph some of the more wild and crazy sites at Interbike, which are some of what makes the show so fun to attend. Enjoy the gallery!

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  • This speed skater was one of the pieces in SRAM's awesome pART PROJECT, which re-purposes bike parts to make art pieces.
  • This entry in the pART PROJECT is called 'Powerglide', a play on one of SRAM's shifting technologies.
  • I love the details here - so intricate. Each artist was given a box of 100 bike parts to turn into something new, and they certainly delivered.
  • This one is called The Sprinter, and is an incredibly thoughtful re-purposing of bike gear for SRAM's pART PROJECT.  The pieces are going to be auctioned for the benefit of World Bicycle Relief.
  • Just check this out - brake shoes for fingers, shift paddle for a thumb, brake lever for an elbow, and a front derailleur cage for a tendon.  I love it.  The Sprinter is easily the coolest piece in the pART PROJECT collection.
  • Zipp has re-purposed some parts too - but not for the pART PROJECT.  This disc wheel has been relegated to being used as a spare table at the SRAM booth.
  • This picture kinda speaks for itself.  DZNUTS!
  • If I were Dave Zabriskie, I'd play up the Captain America theme too.  Wouldn't you?
  • Once a niche product, chain catchers have become a big hit in the last couple years, especially after some high-profile chain drops.  K-Edge now makes them in all colors of the rainbow.
  • K-Edge also makes some custom hardware to put Di2 onto mountain bikes.  This could also be used to use wider cassettes on road bike.  32t for climbing, anyone?
  • Smith Optics unveiled a Version 2 of their V90 shades that I previewed a couple days ago.  Same functionality, plus a nose-bridge adjustment depending on face size.
  • Here's a novel product I hadn't seen before - a tire specifically designed for trainers - meant to keep the ride quieter, and not tear up any of your road tires.
  • Here's a very interesting bit of kit I ran into on the floor.  It's a total re-thinking of the hub by Rus Kappius.  These are meant for mountain riding right now, but could have road implications in the future.  The idea is to space the bearings out as far as possible for greater stiffness and durability.  The rear bearing (not pictured) doesn't have a regular freehub body, but interfaces directly to the cassette, and puts the drive-side bearing as far out as the small cog, rather than at the middle of the wheel.
  • Contour had its adventure cameras on show right next to the GoPro booth, trying to challenge the latter's big thrust into the road market.
  • ENVE had its new Smart System wheels on several showroom bikes, but the stealth logos are easy to miss when you pass them.
  • In most light, you can barely see the black ENVE logos.
  • I've always been curious about the possibility of internal gears, but drivetrain efficiency losses could mean it's not worth the trouble.  But if those could be surmounted, it might be possible to make a lighter, more aero system that needs less maintenance than a conventional drivetrain.
  • This is the E.M.I.T. drive system, which claims better efficiency than other systems, but didn't have any data to share.
  • Yankz was showing off custom cinches for their elastic lacing system.
  • Yankz is also selling these temporary tattoos that you can use instead of body marking.  Personally, it seems like a solution without a problem, but they sent me with a set of their 'Tri Tats' to test out.
  • More interesting to me is the temporary tattoo that contains your projected goal splits.  I like that idea.
  • If you walk around the Interbike floor for very long, you'll start to see some interesting apparel offerings.  This is Wolf
  • 3T had their Mercurio wheelset on hand, which combines the wide-rim concept and some interesting lacing ideas.
  • The Mercurio rims are reverse-laced - spoke heads are hooked into the rim, and threaded at the hub, instead of the other way around.
  • And no trip to Interbike would be complete without a trip to the Fairwheel Bikes booth.
  • Fairwheel brought a complement of very red KCNC bits.  I like the theme.
  • THM has its M3 crank in production now, but is still making the equally-posh Clavicula as well.
  • Here's a piece I'm very excited about.  KCNC has finally unveiled its long-awaited road pedals, which come in at just 120g complete for the PAIR.  That's probably excluding the cleats, which are shown installed, but the cleats are quite light anyway. They're aluminum as well, with some plastic accents for ease of walking.
  • Here are the KCNC road pedals.  No word yet on pricing and availability. They are pictured here with the cleats installed. They use a standard 3-bolt pattern for ease of installation.  Awesome.
  • One of Fairwheel's project bikes was a superlight nude carbon Crumpton roadie with a lot of pink and purple bits all over.
  • I'm not sure which chainring this is from KCNC, but it looks like it belongs to Spider-Man.
  • Fairwheel also brought along the new EE crank, which uses some interesting standards - a 110mm inner circle is JUST for the small ring, and the 170mm circle is for big rings, to improve their stiffness.  Great idea, but it means the only rings available will be straight from EE for now.
  • Contrary to popular misconception, the EE crank doesn't have a 130mm circle anywhere on it.  The inner 110mm is for the small ring, and the large 170mm outer ring is unique to the EE crank.
  • Interbike has gotten so big that it takes up two floors now.
  • This just goes under the 'wacky' category.  It's an enormous brim for your helmet to keep out the sun. There's a market for this thing?
  • This is the Casco helmet that TJ Tollakson has been riding this year and last.
  • The Casco is actually a track helmet, but is likely quite aero for road as well.  It has a simple ratchet adjustment wheel in back.
  • PivotHead is an interesting idea - video camera on glasses - but I wouldn't really want to wear these.
  • This frame has better styling, but I'm still skeptical about this camera-on-shades concept.
  • One more from the pART PROJECT.  This one looks like a nuclear explosion of bike parts.  That's all for this year, we'll see you at the next go-round. Thanks for reading!

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