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A rear view of the helmet.
A rear view of the helmet.

The introduction of the Giro Selector marks the first time an aero lid was really so hotly as anticipated as some of the bigger-ticket triathlon purchases. The new lid provides cutting-edge aerodynamics along with a novel fit adjustment via two swappable tail fairings, a detachable visor, and a leaf-spring retention system that's as comfortable as it is simple. The helmet is a little tricky to adjust, but once it's on, it's the best lid I've ever used. Watch the video review for more.

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  • No doubt about it, the Giro Selector is one good-looking helmet.
  • Personally, I think the styling is fantastic.  Understated but sophisticated.
  • A rear view of the helmet.
  • The only visible ventilation comes from these two exhaust ports on the back, but surprisingly, this is actually the most comfortable aero helmet I've used, and doesn't give me any heat problems at all.
  • A dedicated visor is a MUST for those with aggressive aero positions.  The Selector's visor is optically very clear, and mildly tinted to be useful in a variety of sun conditions.  Personally, I'd like to see a fully-mirrored visor option.
  • Short straps with a yoke up high make it very easy to get the helmet on and off.
  • Foam ear pieces keep the helmet very quiet - no wind noise, and no resonant echoes from the helmet.
  • Here's the Giro Selector sitting atop my Trek Speed Concept.
  • The Selector is just one smooth shape from front to back.  No vents in the front to ruin its superlative aerodynamics.
  • I ride with the smaller 10mm fairing.  If you would have a gap between your back and the helmet, you can swap out for the taller 45mm fairing.
  • The Giro Selector is shaped to stay out of the wind pretty well even when you're looking down.

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