Review: Dash Cycles p.3
images by Nick Salazar
Jul 17, 2011  hits 40,318

The Dash p.3 is a tiny bit of cycling jewelry.
The Dash p.3 is a tiny bit of cycling jewelry.

Dash Cycles is making some of the coolest, most exotic parts in the world of cycling.

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  • The Dash p.3 is a tiny bit of cycling jewelry.
  • Like all Dash equipment, the saddle's construction is gorgeous and flawless.
  • The p.3's flowing lines are much like those of a SLR-type saddle.
  • We love the minimal Dash branding that still leaves room for the carbon to shine.
  • From the front, it's simply flawless.
  • This top view shows where the depression is that serves as a cutout.
  • The rails are carbon wrapped in red Kevlar braiding that makes for an extremely durable rail.
  • The rails are bonded to the saddle during the same operation that creates the saddle itself - it's a one-step layup with no after-bonding.  A seriously difficult task, but it makes for a much stronger construction.
  • The underside of the saddle is a bit raw, showing the function-centric design philosophy.
  • Side-by-side with an SLR-type carbon saddle, you can see the p.3 looks much like it, but without the front half.
  • It does look and ride a bit like an SLR-type, but has less range of adjustment, and is pretty stiff.

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