Apr 20, 2011 article & images by Nick Salazar

The construction and finish quality on these wheels is top knotch.
The construction and finish quality on these wheels is top knotch.

TriRig got opportunity to have a first look at FLO Cycling's new FLO 60 and FLO 90 wheels, which are going into production in the next couple months. These wheels bring top-level aero technology to an entry-level price point. They're pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves.

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  • The wheels use a traditional aluminum rim, and bond on a non-structural carbon fairing.
  • The fairing has a bit of shape to it, when viewed from some angles.
  • Mostly, the wheel has flattish sidewalls, much like newer wheels from top brands.
  • We tested a 60mm front and a 90mm rear wheel - our favorite combo.
  • The construction and finish quality on these wheels is top knotch.
  • Don't they just look good enough to ride?
  • FLO is using proprietary hubs sourced from somewhere in the far East, presumably.  They are basic, solid construction, and will eventually be offered with an optional ceramic bearing upgrade.
  • The inner edge of the rim is blunt, in line with the latest thinking on aero wheels.  The shape helps out with side winds.  These spoke holes will be refined on production models (they won't be as large).
  • The FLO rear hub is Shimano/SRAM only for now, but they're working on a Campy version.
  • FLO's rim shape mates very well with this beefy 23mm tire.
  • The tire is integrated into the overall shape for superior aerodynamics.
  • The FLO 90 rear wheel.
  • The 3k carbon fairing has a matte finish which looks great.
  • The FLO 60 front wheel.
  • Our Speed Concept 9.9 with the FLO wheels.
  • It looks the part, and rides really well.

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