The Ultra Light Tri Bike
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We zip-tied cables in place wherever possible to keep a clean aerodynamic profile.
We zip-tied cables in place wherever possible to keep a clean aerodynamic profile.

Our Lighten Up series has finally reached its conclusion: an all-out racing machine that's both aerodynamic and crazy light. Our 12-pound beauty is ready for competing both on flat and hilly courses, without making compromises. Enjoy the gallery and our final build writeup.

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  • A fully-stealth carbon bike is always a beauty to behold, especially one as light as this.
  • Our custom saddle is super light, and saved about a pound versus going with traditional hardware.
  • Just about everything on this machine is made of carbon fiber, right down to the Fibre-Lyte top cap.
  • The frame's nude 3k weave is gorgeous, and saves weight versus a heavy paint job.
  • Even the brakes from THM are made in nude 3k.  They're not merely wrapped in carbon - they are made entirely of the stuff.
  • The only bits of color on the bike are in the KMC X10SL Gold chain and the Stratics SL cassette, which were both chosen for - you guessed it - their light weight.
  • Our custom aerobars use Zipp VukaShift extensions and custom hardware to achieve an unbelievably low weight for tri bars - just 505g complete with shifters and brakes.
  • The frontal profile here is minimal and very mean-looking.
  • The Exocet frameset is svelte yet still highly functional - two sets of bottle bosses mean you don't have to sacrifice on hydration.
  • What should we name this machine?  What's stealth and skinny?  Maybe like James Bond on a diet ... let's call it 003.
  • The BB30 bottom bracket provides ample stiffness and very low weight.
  • The 3k weave is always a treat to look at.
  • THM's Scapula SP fork and Fibula brakeset were the perfect finishing touches on this machine.  They are also finished in nude 3k, weigh next to nothing, and perform flawlessly.
  • The rear triangle is smooth and very slick-looking.
  • We zip-tied cables in place wherever possible to keep a clean aerodynamic profile.
  • The cables perhaps look a touch messy from the side, but it keeps them hidden from the wind.
  • The ENVE wheels were left with logos intact - something about the spinning logos (when the bike is in motion) just looked too cool to give up, and their weight is negligible.
  • This baby could practically float in air.

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