Review: Zipp VukaShift Extensions
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Feb 9, 2011  hits 55,525

The cockpit view of the extensions.
The cockpit view of the extensions.

Zipp's VukaShift extensions represent an elegant solution to the traditional problem with S-bends: the shifters are too far away if you grip the curve of the extension. By integrating the shifter boss into the extension itself, Zipp not only creates a bar that's more ergonomic, but also lighter and sleeker. Cable housing runs inside the textured extension right from the shifter, so there's no housing to hide, and no need for bar tape. Color us excited.

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  • Paired with the SRAM R2C shifters, the Zipp VukaShift extensions might just be the best cabled front-end going.
  • The extensions are textured, and the cables run completely inside them, so there's no need for bar tape, and no housing to hide.
  • The cockpit view of the extensions.
  • Since the shifters still lie on the curve of the S-bend, they are more ergonomic for more riders.
  • With low-stack pads, the shifters sit just above the plane of the pads, which is how we prefer them.
  • Rolling the extensions inward causes the shifters to sit at an angle, which is fine up to a point, but makes extreme rolls unfeasible.
  • These are elegant, thoughtful, minimal bits of kit.  Everything we love at TriRig.

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