Lighten Up - Cranks
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The UFO crankship is coming in for a landing!
The UFO crankship is coming in for a landing!

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  • Carbon crank? Check. Carbon chainrings? Check. These things are just gorgeous.
  • The finish on the Lightning cranks is beautiful, and matches the Fibre-Lyte rings perfectly.
  • The rings have ramp-profiled teeth for better shifting, but you still have to be careful not to upshift under load.
  • The branks assemble via a herst joint that makes assembly very easy.
  • The UFO crankship is coming in for a landing!
  • With an interchengeable spider, lots of length options, light weight, and super good looks, we can't really find any fault about this crank.
  • You can run a compact spider, shown here, or a standard 130mm BCD, or even a Quarq spider, all on the same crank arms.
  • The complete set, including rings and bearings, comes in at an impressive 544g.

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