Even Linsey's Profile Design stem got the custom treatment.
Even Linsey's Profile Design stem got the custom treatment.

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  • Linsey Corbin with that trademark smile, and her very cool, one-of-a-kind Scott Plasma 3
  • Linsey Corbin aboard her custom Scott Plasma 3 at Retul in Boulder.
  • The Plasma 3 features a beefy integrated bottom bracket that eliminates outboard cups, much like the Trek Speed Concept.
  • Linsey's paint scheme is a pale teal blue, with understated graphics.  She said she didn't want anything too sleek, and preferred a more personal look.
  • The graphics make use of the ample space on the Plasma 3's wide tubes.
  • Even Linsey's Profile Design stem got the custom treatment.
  • Putting the pedal to the metal, Linsey hammers during her fit session.
  • Corbin is definitely one to smile, but puts on the serious face every once in a while.
  • Corbin got wired up at Retul for a fit analysis and bike scan.
  • Corbin takes a look at her fit numbers on the screen off camera.
  • Linsey Corbin with her custom painted Scott Plasma 3.
  • Mat Steinmetz of Retul scanned Linsey's bike in with the Zin tool, for later comparison and analysis.
  • The beefy bottom bracket also serves as the exit port for the rear brake, mounted above the chainstays and behind the BB.
  • Corbin is running a Visiontech bar on the Plasma 3.
  • She even gets a custom seatpost with her name beneath the clearcoat - no doubt who this bike belongs to!
  • No space was overlooked - even the top of the top tube got the custom treatment.
  • The custom paing on the chainstays also includes some sponsor logos.
  • The Plasma 3 looks right at home next to the matching blue Retul wall.

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